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importing dvd to FCP HD

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by mark aitken, Jul 27, 2005.

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    I have an old Buster Keaton short I want to import into FCP HD. I teach film and want my students to add new soundtracks to the old film. The DVD is a commercial one and I can copy it onto my hard drive but it won't be imported into FCP. I recently bought Quicktime Pro as well but that didn't help. Any suggestions?
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    Use MacTheRipper to decode and extract the contents of the DVD.

    Take the resultant Video_TS folder and use DVDxDV (choose the Pro one if you prefer) to convert it to Quicktime. This Quicktime file can be directly used in Final Cut.

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    thanks, this dvdxdv works great
    so everyone says forget idvd and get toast?
    i havent used idvd yet but will try to within a couple days
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    Woh, this is old.

    iDVD is fine for me. I prefer it over Toast for burning my own movies i.e. movies that I have cut in Final Cut or iMovie.


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