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Importing playlists ONLY, not songs, from an iPod to iTunes on a Mac

Discussion in 'iPod' started by prometheus44, Nov 30, 2009.

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    I know it's dumb, there are no excuses... but I accidentally deleted my hugest playlist folder, with over 100 finely selected playlists.

    Now, I've tried to copy a backup of my library made yesterday, but the deleted playlist still didn't show up (though the Library was saved yesterday)

    I have tried ipod.itunes, senuti, ipodrip and none of them could do what I need: I need to pull out the playlists that are still on my iPod. BUT NOT THE SONGS. Simply the playlsts...

    Does anyone have a solution, besides making "on the go" playlists. :-(


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    Maybe this will work:

    1. Backup your whole iTunes folder to an external.

    2. Import the songs from the iPod with Senuti.

    3. Use the export function in iTunes to export the playlists you need to the desktop e.g. (just the playlists.txt, not the songs!).

    4. Delete the songs imported with Senuti (in case Senuti made duplicates).

    5. Import the playlist files from the desktop.

    6. Enjoy. :)
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    That could have worked, thanks!

    I actually found this really cool program, iPod.iTunes, very customizable, that lets you import only playlists without the songs.
    It's the only free program out there that had this ability.

    Now most of what I had lost is recovered... Thanks for your help though!
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    Thanks for the link. Guess I'll try it. :)

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