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Importing to Mp3 format in i tunes ?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Avzone, Feb 15, 2009.

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    If in Preferences I have Mp3 encode selected for the importing method, Why when I import a wav files does it remain a wav instead of mp3 file?
    I then have to go to advance settings and convert it to mp3.
    Also I have noticed recordings to cd are dramatically lower in volume than the original when I do a back up copy, is this because I have Sound check etc selected?

    Many Thanks for your advise.
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    Sky Blue

    That setting is for importing CDs. If you drag n drop a music file in to your library, it'll stay as that original format.
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    Well at the moment i am trying to import a wav file thats a l.p recording of a old tape and I want to have it mp3 to play on my player.
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    convert it.
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    Thats what i am doing, I just wondered if there was an easier way, instead of importing it and then waiting for it to convert.
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    As for the sound volume, yes it is lower (most of the time) if you burn an audio cd with soundcheck on since iTunes is trying to make all songs sound the same volume.
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    Sky Blue

    Convert it with XLD first, you can set it to add the converted files to iTunes.
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    Xld ?
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    Sky Blue

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    What is 'lossless' audio files.
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    Lossless has even named himself after it! ?
    Thanks anyway, but this doesn't seem the shortcut that I was after by opening another program.
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    Its Lostless :p not lossless, and I made the name up before lossless audio was even a well known buzzword.
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    i think it converts it if you drag it into iTunes whilst holding "alt" not got my mac at work so can't check just now.

    Why are you using MP3 anyway, AAC is a much more efficient codec (i.e. better sound for the same bit rate) and theres also Apple Lossless
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    Is it, why is that ?
    Im using mp3 so I can play it on my mp3 player and all my music is in mp3 format, It seems the standard these.
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    Tallest Skil

    MP3, schmemp3... Have iTunes convert everything to AAC unless you don't have an iPod.
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    :p Ha!
    Ok then, Why is Mp3 Crap ? (Lets hear it )

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