Improved Sound Quality Coming to Mobile Phones

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Feb 11, 2008.

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    A new Silicon Valley startup is showing off their new integrated circuit that will offer higher quality noise suppression than existing circuitry in today's cellphones. Their technology is said to be able to block up to 25 deciebls of extraneous sound
    This technology has already been adopted by several handset manufacturers for release this year. No indication if Apple was amongst those interested.

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    Sounds like the technology in the Aliph Jawbone...

    Sounds like the technology in the Aliph Jawbone...
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    The next version iPhone could certainly use this. The current version isn't that great with background noise...
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    My brother-in-law is a VP with this company, and I've seen some of the tech in action. It's sweet.
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    This would be great in the iphone!

    I agree...any reduction in background noise would greatly increase the quality of the iphone experience -- for the caller, and the receiver. :apple:
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    I seriously hope this comes through.
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    This would be great with the iPhone and Apple's iPhone BT adapter. I get complains from the other side of the line when I'm on my iPhone with the BT headset - the background noise is very audible.
    Hope they use this and integrate it into future products.
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    would be nice if this is proven to work to see apple adopt this into the iphone. but since it's a hardware thing, the iphone i'll have in my hands in only 2 days won't have it . . . ah well, life in the technological age . . .
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    You never know with Apple... Maybe they did put these circuits in already, and they are planning on charging us all $50 to activate the feature?

    If anyone would do it, Apple would!

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