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Impulsively Bought iBook!

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Shaun.P, Jan 3, 2006.

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a 1.25Ghz eMac, with Superdrive and with 512mb of RAM and 40GB hard drive (32mb graphics also). Today I sort of impulsively bought an iBook 14"!.

    I know that on the 9th of January new iBooks will be released - have I made a bad choice?

    I like the fact that the iBook has a slightly faster processor and a better graphics card and has bluetooth etc built in (connected fantastically to my Sony Erikson phone) and I am probably going to sell my eMac.
    Any ideas on how much money I should expect for it? I like in the UK.

    I think my iBook had a dead pixel, but I softly rubbed it with my finger and it is now working.

    Thanks for anyones' comments and advice :).
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    Bad time to buy it in one sense, updates are rumored to be in the next couple of weeks.

    On the other hand good time to buy as you won't be one of the first across to intel which may have some hiccups and the availability of x86 software in the beginning will be low.

    How are you going to feel in a few weeks when your newly purchased iBook is no longer the best out?
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    If you can cancel and wait a week then do it. If not, I dont think anyone expects anything new to be on the shelves as far as the laptops go. I think the mac mini is the expected change and they just make "announcements" about the laptops. But I dont think they will actually come out until June. Although I could be wrong so like I said, if you can cancel and hold off, do. If not its probably not a big deal its still a fine piece of harware.;)

    If they do release intel ibooks next week, you will still be running all your apps on an emulator anyway so no speed increase lost.
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    I think that's a lame way to approach the decision making process. Who cares if you don't have the absolute best product out there, as long as what you do have does exactly what you bought it for??? There is nothing wrong with the current iBooks and the Intel Apples on the horizon shouldn't be held against the current iBooks.
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    If new iBook were to drop on Jan. 9 the prices are going drop on the current iBooks, so you definately screwed up.
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    I wouldn't say buying a current PowerPC iBook is necessarily a bad idea, but I think it's a bad idea right now. If Intel iBooks are released next week, you can decide if you want one of those. If you decide you still want a PowerPC machine, you'll still buy one, and probably at a lot better price than they are right now. If you can, cancel the order or send it back. If you've already opened it though, don't worry too much, just enjoy your new Mac :).
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    IF IF IF . . . The current iBooks are a sure thing. The potential for a price drop is a good point, but a lot of people would rather have what they want NOW and not fret over $100 savings if they wait. Really, that amount of money just doesn't mean much to those who can afford it.

    And you "definately" misspelled definitely! :D
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    I recommend cancelling the order if you can. Just wait until after MacWorld to see if there is an announcement of Intel based iBooks.
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    Don't you have 10 days to return? Why not wait and see?
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    Sure theres not. However over a week I would consider it a HUGE factor in decision making. A week (hopefully) will not kill anyone if he does not buy it now. Especially when the change between the two will be significant PPC (being fazed our) and x86 (being fazed in).
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    Thanks for your help. I bought the laptop today from PCWorld (I live in Scotland) and I have opened it etc. I don't think I will be returning it! I just wanted to make sure that it isn't going to be a waste of money!

    Damn my impatience!!!
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    P.S> I love how they incorporated scrolling into the iBook.

    Is the keyboard not meant to sense when it is dark and light up or is this only power books?
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    That's only the 15" and 17" PowerBooks. iBooks and 12" PowerBooks don't have backlit keyboards.
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    Majority vote says to "cancel the order." I would listen to that majority. :)
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    WHat'd you pay?

    I have same book and I love it and I don't care what iBook is coming out. Just bought applecare for it and we're going ahead for the next three years intel less.
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    Listening to the majority is not always the best idea. A hundred years ago the majority thought slavery was a great practice. Extreme example, but don't go with the majority just for the sake of going with the majority.

    Now THAT sounds excellent ! ! ! ;)
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    doesn't apple have some sort of "if you bought in the past 15 days, we will replace your comp" on thier new releases or something?
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    I think they give you some cash difference or something, but they don't give you a replacement AFAIK.

    I for one would rather have my 1.2g iBook (Just over a yr) than a revision A apple anything:rolleyes: Not only is this new hardware, this is also kind of a new OS, how will these apps run under rosetta? I'll let someone else tell me:)
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    You may want to readjust your timeline there.:p
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    I guess you'd then agree that this goes hand in hand with the majority of the world wanting to cut down on green house gases and slow global warming. Yet George Bush and his country still are rejecting that.
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    I know that Apple UK offer a 28day money back guarentee if you are not satisfied with your purchase so keep it in good condition then return it if a better iBook comes out at macworld.

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    I live in the UK too and I'm not sure this is correct. I know that if you buy online from Apple then the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 mean that you have 7 days during which you can return for any reason. I also know that if you buy in the education store Apple give you 14 days to return for any reason.

    However, I am quite sure that unless the product is faulty then if you buy from an actual highstreet store then you do not have the right to return a non-faulty product for a refund. I'm not saying the store definitely won't let you - just that you don't have a right under the law.

    Also, I have returned 3 iMacs, 1 PowerBook and various bits and bobs to Apple over the last 2 months and have spoken to them about their return policies. At no point did they mention a 28 day money back guarantee and a couple of times the person I spoke to actually said "let me just check that's within the 14 day return period".

    If you have a reference that states a 28 day money back guarantee I'd love to see it.
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    There's only going to be an announcement in a week. Does anyone really believe there's going to intel Macs on store shelves next week?

    If you're happy with your new iBook I say keep it. Who knows when new ones will be available, and you never know what issues the first generation will have. If history is any guide there's bound to be an issue or two.
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    I think the original poster has decided to keep it but I would definitely have sold it simply because you are going to lose more money on this than you would normally buying a mac.

    Say in a year's time you are selling this iBook and at that point every single machine Apple is selling is now an Intel. How much do you think people will be willing to pay for something they know is obsolete and, at that point, not going to be supported much in the near future?

    If this was one year ago and you had an iBook then you'd know that in a year's time you would still have good resale value. If you waited a week or so and got an Intel iBook you would know that in a year's time your machine would have good resell value. However, buying right now is silly because...

    1) It's almost certain that there will be a MUCH better machine within a month.
    2) You're throwing money away when it comes to reselling.
  25. iDM
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    My .02 with looming updates a possiblity, price drops, potentially new software that may run on it, I would not have bought one. I'm sure you'll still love it for years to come since OS X will run smoothly for a long time on that system.

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