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in search of fonts...

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by QCassidy352, Nov 6, 2003.

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    I was very sad to see that my favorite font, palatino, is not in Panther by default. So I'm wondering - are fonts available for free download? And if so, what is the best site to find them? thanks.
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    Try Here

    It is #23 there under "Top 25 Commercial Fonts" but I have not downloaded and installed to make sure it works
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    ack... but when I click to download, it links me to a pay site. are these not available for free?
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    fonts are like music and software,
    if your going to ask your going to get the answer that you must pay for it ....
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    Palatino is a commerical font that was licensed by Apple for your use in Jaguar. If it is indeed the case that Palatino is no longer bundled with Panther, then you'll most likely need to buy it (http://www.adobe.com/type).

    Palatino seems to be on my clean install of Panther -- but it's possible that it might have been bundled with my install of Adobe Creative Suite the other day. If you're desperate you might want to consider reinstalling Panther to see if it turns up. :)

    And yes, I agree with the general sentiment that pirating commerical fonts sucks. A top-quality typeface takes literally years to design, refine and tweak -- its not much to ask that their creators be paid for their effort.
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    I guess it is not coincidence that the advertising on the bottom of the page is for the same site I sent you

    Any site that can afford google advertising can't be free... how misguiding is that?!
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    Mr. Anderson

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    Verdana isn't in with Panther either sadly, i love that font, i use Skia now.
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    I should just make clear that my question was a sincere one - I really did not know if people charged for fonts or not. It's not that I knew they did charge, and was asking for a way to pirate them.

    Though I must admit, it seems a bit rediculous... if I had a right to use palatino in jaguar, which I legally owned and still own, how can I not have a right to use it in panther, which I legally own?

    edit: oh good god! palatino costs $22??? I was thinking a couple of bucks, sure... but $22 for a font that i used to have?? you gotta be kidding me!
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    $22 isn't that much for a professionally-designed typeface.

    Still, you didn't legally own Palatino, you had a licence to use it. I still have it available in Panther.
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    I guess we just have different conceptions of what's a reasonable cost for a font.

    and look, I still own jaguar, so how do I no longer have a licence to use palatino? If I had 2 partitions on the same computer, one with jag and one with panther, I could use palatino. And it would all be legal.

    It makes no sense, and if I can find a way to restore palatino, I will.
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    HA, at 22 dollars a font no wonder Apple has to charge for the OS upgrades!! The fonts alone make the 130 dollars worth it!

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