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In-stock alternative to Incase Convertible Book Jacket?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by nightfly13, May 2, 2010.

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    I just ordered an iPad (after months of deciding and convincing the wife) and my toddlers will use it, so I want a case that has the option for covering the screen and also good all-around bezel protection.

    The two options I'm looking at are the Hard Candy Cases Street Skin and the Incase Convertible Book Jacket.

    Both seem to have good corner protection and the ability to protect the screen. The downside of the Street Skin is it's a bit ugly and more critically, it seems like the 4-corner fastening system for the screen cover (which also attaches to the back) seems like a lot of work to be taking on and off several times a day. We'd have to use it this way because my house is too chaotic to leave the screen unprotected. The downside of the Incase Convertible Book Jacket is it's not in stock (and my iPad is being delivered in 3-4 weeks) and it's a little more than I'd prefer to spend.

    All things being equal, I'd prefer a case that doubles as a stand, but this isn't a deal breaker. Not looking at Apple case because the corner protection doesn't seem great and I hear it's a dust magnet, and that's an even bigger problem over here in India.

    Other options I should consider? I like the Hard Candy Squish Skin but there's no screen protection and it's not available, either.

    Thanks in advance for the input!
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    Just to emphasize, I really want a case with good bezel and corner protection, because our iPhones already have a couple cracks from rough use with our kids. I don't want the bulk or to dispense with the good-looks of Apple's industrial design, but in my family situation, protection is paramount.

    I am also pretty worried about price, as I last-minute upgraded to the 3G and am already over budget. $60 for the Incase would be a bit painful for me, at least right now, but I need protection right off the bat.
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    I'd really recommend the Marware eco-Vue for you. It's slimmer than you might expect - definitely thinner than that incase $60 one, the quality is nice, it has excellent padding, bezel coverage on the inside, and is only $45 shipped.

    Good luck!

    Also just wondering, but you said your iPad is being delivered in 3-4 WEEKS? LOL why? Currently it's 5-7 days on Apple's site... ::confused::
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    Thanks, I'll check it. If memory serves I envisioned the corners being a bit vulnerable, but I haven't looked again since you posted, so thanks again for the thought.

    Delivered to my hot little hands in India, in a suitcase of a friend who is coming to visit in 3-4 weeks. Delivery from Apple (to my folks' house in the US) will be quick as you imagine.
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    Yeah it (eco-vue) looks pretty good. Corner protection seems above average, but perhaps not quite perfect. For example, when it's open, the top corners are pretty vulnerable.

    I see tons of places with discount prices, but no stock. Marware's website is full price and free shipping, but I think I'm gonna sit on this for a week or two (gives me something else to obsess about now that I've finalized and ordered an iPad) and see what comes back in stock, and what else comes out on the market.
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    I've been pondering for the same reason - KIDS.

    I just went with the SPeck CandyShell. I think for now, it offers the best of what I want for me - and some extra for the kids.

    I wasn't excited about the price or the colors - but I did find a coupon for 25% off that helped some (shipping was $9).

    I figure this is going to keep me covered until more options are available. The kids will start using it tomorrow - and well, it is going to stress me out! LOL!!

    My daughter has the Apple Case on hers, and i actually am happier with it than I thought we'd be. She doesn't let her sisters really use it - so i can't attest to the kid proofness of it (she is 14). BUT, i will let them use it in the case.

    The Otterbox would have been an option too - but the price and not being available NOW doesn't work either. I figure if i just don't like the Speck, i'll send it back.

    I wish Switcheasy had something like the Torrent for it - i'd get that.
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    Hmm the Speck does indeed look great. I love the rubber edges that covers the chrome around the bezel, but in my context, I worry about the screen. If the back port would double as a stand I'd be tempted, but thanks for the heads up.
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    We need a "kid proof cases" type of thread!

    I haven't seen the ultimate "wow" case yet - the flip part on the Speck is the closest thing. I decided after pondering my usage and stealing the kids for 10 minutes at a time that for ME, i didn't want a folio, and i really thought i did.

    For the kids it would be nice.... but for what i hope to have them doing on it - not having it should be fine.

    The Otterbox had great potential - but i don't like having to remove the dock piece. I think i'm apt to have it walk away....

    I dunno - be sure to keep this updated with how it goes when you decide. I promise to keep reading :D
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    Hmm yeah you should start that thread. I'd do so but I'm about to head to bed. Drop a link in here so we can focus that way.

    IMHO the Hard Candy Street Skin (linked in first post) is the most kid-proof I've seen, but the hassle of fiddling with the 4 corner nobs keeps me from great interest.

    Otterbox defendor (typo intended) isn't out yet, but should take extreme protection to the next level. I don't think, however, that the cover will be easy to deal with, either.
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    incase slip sleeve

    This incase sleeve is going back to the store. Putting the iPad in the case is like trying to fit into a pair of jeans when the waist is 4" too small.
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    What? That makes no sense. I have the case and the issue is it is too loose and can shift with the holes on the alignment. I solved that by using a no. 50 binder clip on the bottom and now it doesn't shift at all. Perfect. (Took the metal folding clip off the front.)

    The Apple Case I heard is very hard to move in and out, not the Incase. :rolleyes:
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    Although I think the Incase Book Jacket, which I love, is one of the best iPad cases, here's an alternative to the Incase functionality and it's made out of Napa Leather:

    Tuff-Luv multi-view Napa leather case
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    found an eBay knock off to the incase book jackethere

    can't speak for the quality yet... i purchased it last week and they shipped it the next day so i should see it within the next 2 weeks and i'll let you know
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    I ended up buying one of these as well, cant go wrong with the price. Have you received yours yet?
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    I was just at the Burlingame, CA Apple store & they had a few of the incase convertible cases in stock. I was there around 2pm. Even if this isn't close to you, you may want to check your local store.
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    Yeah I have! Posted pics here so you can take a look.

    I like it but I think I'll end up buying the Otterbox case whenever it comes out for something sturdier with more protection from drops.

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