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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by T4R06, Nov 5, 2010.

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    i know j&r bhphoto are offering no taxes and free shipping. so its like $70 cheap vs apple in-store.

    do you guys see any advantage technically on this? i mean if you bought it online retailers apple store will still replace your macbook air if you have any problems like screen issues etc...??

    i'd love to see who else here bought directly at apple store instead of buying online to save $70 for the 13" model

    thanks in advance :D
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    Those stores are probably back ordered until xmas.
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    nope! if you downloaded the apple apps via iphone you will see you can reserve and actually im checking now.. i can pick it up today :D
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    I know Apple has them in stock, I was talking about stores that are offering it for $70 less.
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    J&R and BHphoto has
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    As long as you buy from an authorized dealer, Apple will honor your warranty anywhere.
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    No matter where you purchase your apple product, it comes with a 1year Apple warranty. If you have any issues during that year, just bring it to the genius bar.
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    But will the genius bar give you a replacement if there's anything wrong with your computer and you purchased it at a different retailer online?

    My understanding was that of course Apple will honor their warranty if you have a problem, but you'll likely have to ship your computer in to Apple for repair or return it to the retailer you purchased it from if it's a hardware problem that can't be fixed at the store. If you purchase from an Apple Store and have a hardware problem you can return to that apple store for a replacement if it's within the first 14 days.

    I could be wrong though. Please let me know if someone knows otherwise.
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    i am so lost too.. what i did now is reserved the 13" and will pick it up anytime now! :p
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    True, but that's the Apple Brick and Mortar store return Policy, and has nothing to do with AppleCare.

    BestBuy has the same thing. If you buy any laptop there, you have 14-days no questions asked to return it if there's a problem.

    No idea what B&HPhoto's return policy is.

    Regardless, the Applecare on the machine will be the same.

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