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In the State of Texas

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by joepunk, Jun 20, 2007.

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    An angry crowd beat a man to death after a vehicle he was riding in struck a young girl.

    The man, David Rivas Morales, was getting out of the car (he was not the driver) to help the girl when the crowd descended on him and beat him to death.

    The girl, who was 3 or 4, was not seriously injured.


    Edit: New News Report
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    wtf. there are a lot of things going wrong with this world.

    sad story over all.
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    My God. That's f'ed up.
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    Ironic and sad. On the day they celebrated the releasing of slaves, in Texas.
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    F***ing idiots. Gotta love them Texans.
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    Don't let the actions of this group of Texans speak for all of us. :eek:

    that being said, on the news, they presented the crowd like a hero. *shudder*
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    :( How incredibly sad and senseless.

    Um, the guy didn't do anything wrong, how can they possibly portray the mob as heroes? :confused:
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    "Vigilante justice." They conveniently left out the fact that the little girl was OK and made it sound like she was killed in the collision, so the crowd was killing a "child killer!!1!1!!"
    *sigh* :rolleyes:
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    creative reporting. twunts.

    this is a horrible story and shouldn't be treated as a righteous act.
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    Did the local news comment on his being Hispanic as having anything to do with the outrage?
  11. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    He wasn't even the driver and they still beat him to death?

    People are so unbelievably stupid.
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    If thats how the news portrayed it, thats almost worse than the actual act (almost).

    What news station was it? They generally have websites that closely mirror their newscasts.
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    So, was he really Hispanic?

    sad story :(
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    Can't confirm it from any source; that's why I asked. But David Rivas Morales sounds Hispanic.
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    I call this a lynch mob myself

    katie ta achoo what was the station name of the news crew that "covered" the story?
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    I was laying down and listening-- I forget the station, but it was local, not national.
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    Most local stations have websites.:p
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    Yay Texas let's hear it for killing people!

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    that's horrible. wonder if race was a factor in the incident.
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    I checked all the Austin-area news TV sites I could find, and the only one that didn't use the AP story was a poorly written one on CBS 42. It didn't seem to blame the driver though.

    I think the second worst part of this is that the group didn't help the kid, but immediately started assaulting the driver.
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    I liked that episode...funny thing it's almost the same exact story as what really happened.

    That was back in the day when CSI had compelling episodes and interesting plots...it's all kind of bland now.
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    Hey! We're not all degenerates down here, you know...
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    First Bush then this? I kid, I am from Texas.

    But in all seriousness, this is absolutely ridiculous. It was an accident. :rolleyes:

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