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Inappropriate/Troll threads

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by wrinkster22, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. wrinkster22, Feb 24, 2012
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    Some of you may noticed some inappropriate threads
    I would just like to point out that 13 year olds can join this sight and we should try to keep that out.

    I understand these are trolls and it is great how fast you are taking them down; But I was just wondering if you could somehow screen new users and take more measures before they are aloud to post.

    just a thought. Opinions?
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    Right now, the best method is to report the threads, and they will be taken care of.
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    Right so you believe all 13 year olds/teenagers are trolls?
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    Some 13 year olds are much smarter and less-trollish than some adults on the internets.
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    How exactly do you expect to screen members further? I'm sure arn and his team have done everything they can to deter trolls from the forums.
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    Fact is, I tend to be here early mornings ( UK time) and then at night. Certain time soy the day I have seen the number of Troll postings rise, but as posted here, the only course of action is to report the thread and let the Mods deal wit it.

    There really isn't any other way to ascertain a new members propensity to Troll..
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    What do you propose as a method to prevent potential trolls from joining the forum? :confused:
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    I suggest all new members are subject to a psychological test in order to determine their sanity, followed by an intensive and dignity-stripping polygraph test. The results of both tests are to be published publicly for all current members to view. :)
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    No, I am saying that the inappropriate content should not be seen by 13 year olds.
    I don't know how they could screen better..
    Maybe you have to be a member longer to post a new thread but you could still comment on existing threads?

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    To be fair, that's one of the biggest gripes I have with this site. People who join, immediately post a thread that could've been answered if they'd searched, but they're too new to forums and don't know how they operate, so they post a thread. Rinse repeat.
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    I'm sorry if i misinterpreted you,considering the fact that i am 14 i took it the wrong way.but you are right i have seen numerous people make a account purely for trolling and I even believe that it should be stricter.
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    No problem.
    I have no issue with younger mac audiences. All I am saying is that this is a mac sight- explicit content does not need to be discussed here!
    IMO you should have to post multiple times before you can start a thread.
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    So you want to reduce MR membership by over 50%???? I know I wouldn't qualify, as well as a few others I could mention! :D
    It would also greatly reduce spam to require a minimum number of posts before you can start a thread. I think it would be great to implement this, as 99% of all new threads posted are to ask questions that have been asked and answered many times before. Too many are just too lazy to search, unless they're forced to.
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    I think many people start up here because they have some specific question/issue/problem. Of course we assume they searched first for days to find an answer but we understand the search engine was down :D

    But we might could have some approval function for the first 5 threads of a newbie; if the mods can't take the additional burden maybe we can implement some "mentorship" where some matured members take care (and kind of approve) the first threats.
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    Wait! So first, there's a psychological test in order to determine sanity, now this? So we now have to be sane AND mature? We're in trouble now!!! :eek:
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    OK, I took that personally!!

    There goes MacRumors.

    I suggest arn personally visit the home of every member to evaluate them for sanity and maturity.

    I would be will to do the psych evaluations for a modest fee.:D :p
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    Seriously, I think this is the reason many - if not most - members join the site in the first place. Indeed, many will have lurked while reading the forums for some time before that, hoping to find the answer to a question or problem they wish to have answered or addressed.

    It is usually only after they have joined that they grow to enjoy the sense of community and may wish to join in.

    With respect, I think that people have a right to ask questions - even if some of these questions have been asked before, sometimes endlessly; new users, (and lurkers) may not necessarily know that this has already been asked. After all, this is a site dedicated to matters related to Apple and is an obvious place to come to ask questions of experienced fellow users, rather than say, a sales pitch or patter.

    Likewise, I think it is bit rich not to expect youngsters to wish to join. Tech matters are part of their DNA and have been internalised by them in a way that is not the case for some older people and it is only natural that they will be interested in matters which have been raised and wish to contribute to site discussions and debates. Besides, the site allows membership to those over the age of 13.

    Even as a joke, I'm not in favour of 'supervised threads' for newbies, or youngsters. I prefer a world where they are treated with respect, and it is perfectly reasonable to expect reciprocity from them. As happens anyway, if someone is poorly behaved, or insulting or offensive, they are usually called out on it, and issued with warnings or other sanctions if such behaviour persists.

    Trolling is a separate issue, and, from what I can see, reporting an offending thread to a Mod seems to be the appropriate response to a troll's threads.

    My tuppence worth.

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    Phil A.

    Maybe they could stop new members posting until they've made 10 posts - that would stop them in their tracks ;)
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    That will result in BS posts.
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    That's a joke right ?

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    Phil A.

    Yes: I thought the ;) made it clear - sorry!
  22. SandboxGeneral, Feb 28, 2012
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    I think the current system in place does just the right job. So many posts to get an avatar, so many posts and 6 months to get into the Marketplace and so many posts to be able to post in the PRSI seem to work well.

    I don't think we need to change anything. If kids are creating accounts that are below 13, it's their parents fault for not monitoring them close enough. MacRumors has its legal side covered with the requirement about being 13 and older.

    However, just because a kid is below 13 and doesn't sign up, doesn't prevent them from viewing any potential inappropriate material posted here. This is a public forum and anyone of any age can view it regardless of having an account or not.

    MacRumors has it rules in place and violations are reported by it's users and enforced by moderators and admins. There's really nothing more that can be done to protect the children.

    While it's noble to want to protect the kids, ultimately, it's the parents responsibility to protect them on the Internet.
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    Could not have been said better!!

    I think that older members need to be more tolerant of noob questions. I see some very nasty replies.

    If you don't want to help, move along. If it angers you either move along or respectfully explain how to use the search feature.

    And please stop asking if they've heard of Google!

    They ask the question here because I suspect they expect a better answer than Google may have given them.

    There's really no need to belittle or insult someone new. Maybe they don't know how to use Google. Maybe all they can do is turn their device on and off.

    Not everyone is tech or Internet savvy and those people should be afforded respect like anyone else.

    My 2 cents worth :D

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