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Incase convertible book jacket -Great

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by freitas, Apr 3, 2010.

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    Got the iPad this morning and was going to pickup the apple case too as they were also in stock. I ended up grabbing the incase convertible book jacket. It is a larger folio style case that doubles as a stand. It is a great case for those who want to prop the iPhone up when laying on the couch. The case also looks like it would protect the iPad well. The case is bulky and adds to the weight. But deserves a look if your want a versatile convertible case. And the iPad can be removed when you want thin and light.
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    I'm very interested in this case, can you post some pictures of the inside? Incase neglects to show this on their website
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    Yes, pictures please.
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    +1 Pics please.
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    Here are some quick iphone snapshots.

    The case is really nice. You can see the ridges (three total) on the inside front cover that are used to set the angle. I have been using it for surfing and ebook reading while laying on the couch, just as I would with my macbook pro.

    Again not the case for you if you want thin and light. But perfect for the couch potato that doesn't want to have to hold in hand or prop on your leg.


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    This is exactly the type of case I wanted from incase but why does it have to be so thick!!
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    0s and 1s

    Ugh. It looked bulky, so I opted for the Apple case.

    A closer inspection makes me think it would have been a better purchase.
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    It is bulky. But I figure I can always take it out. Also the iPad is well protected and the case is ideal for my usage patterns.
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    Seeing this picture really makes me wish you could use a mouse with the iPad.

    Not all the time, of course... but some of time.

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    Freitas.. can the front cover of the book jacket be folded flat behind or is it always off to the side when you hold it?
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    I got the incase as well.. It takes away from the sexiness of holding the iPad, but if you want protection and practicalness it works well. $50 though which I think is kinda steep... I think I want an alternative too that is a little more form fitting- they had a neoprene one there (at the apple store) that looked nice..
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    Yes, but it's not super flat- a little bulky.
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    cool thanks for the pic. It was $60? I'm seeing Best Buy list it at $50.
  16. FWW
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    Seems rather inelegant, but to each his/her own, I suppose.
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    I definitely prefer using the ipad while it is in this case. Frees my hands to type and make full use of two hand multitouch.
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    Typing on the convertible book jacket?

    is there a mode to type in? is it that 1st slot? I'm looking at the case wondering if i should open it do you think that you could show me a typing configuration sort of like the apple case?
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    The third picture above is about the best typing config.
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    I ended up taking mine back and exchanging it for the clear plastic grippy one by Belkin... The incase one was just too bulky and took away from the sexiness of holding the iPad..
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    Thanks for posting these pics. I'm gonna need to think about this some more... :p
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    Oh, I wish I had gotten that one. :(

    I got the purple Incase grip cover and I'm not happy with it. I love the back of the grip case (it has 'bumps' to help grip the device while holding it in landscape mode) but it attracts every piece of dog and cat hair in the house. :eek:

    I'm going to continue to use it until more cases come out and hopefully find something better.
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    I'm going to try a different option that is worth a look (no affiliation with the company). This case has all the functionality of the iPad case (including an angled typing stand position), plus a hand strap when open, plus it's ecologically friendly leather. The other advantage is that it looks like an easy process to place in and take out of the case, since I will want to use it naked often, but still protect it for transport and have a stand when I want. This is the most handsome, functional case I've run across. And it's only $44.

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    I also thought it was too bulky. And I wasn't crazy about the cheap cover finish, but the adjustable ridged stand is nice. :)
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    I bought this case earlier today.

    The dock connector, buttons and switches are all accessible.

    Also, there is a band (like the one on Moleskin Notbooks) that snaps around to securely close the book case. By accident or design, when this band is closed, it covers the power button, making it very difficult to accidently power on your iPad.

    It is thicker than some other cases, but if you're planning on tossing it into a carry-on or backpack, that's a good thing.

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