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Incase Hardshell Anyone have one?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by DaBrain, Mar 2, 2008.

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    Subject says it all. If you have one, how do you like it and any pro's/con's you have experienced would be helpful. Thinking of getting one for my black macbook for extra protection.

    Can you see the white apple through the case?

    Link to case:


    Thanks in advance for your time. ;)
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    i saw these in my local store and although you can barely see it in the picture, the material it is made of seems like you would not see the apple at all-- it does feel like it would offer great protection though
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    Thanks for your input! ;)
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    I hope someone who has one of these lets us know what they think, I am interested in this product also. The pics on their site, defiantly show that you can see the Apple Logo. Are they made of a hard plastic?
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    Anyone know where these area available in the UK?
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    I just tried one of these on Saturday. I picked one up at the Salt Lake City Apple Store. I was so excited that someone finally made a shell better than the Speck brand one. The Incase has a rubber coating on it so it is very grippy. It also is very well ventilated, even better than the Speck shell. It fit very tight, maybe even too tight. It took some pressure to get it on. The shell has a slight transparency to it. You can bearly see the Apple logo on the lid of the MacBook when it is turned off, when the machine is on you can see the logo light up. In the end I had to return the Incase shell. With the shell installed I could bearly get the MacBook to open past 90 degrees. Since I'm 6' 5" I have to have the MacBook open farther than that. I really wanted this shell to work out and everything about it is awesome except the opening angle thing. Let me know if you all have anymore questions.
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    Thank you for the review-- I have been looking for something since I was unhappy with the Speck case and was contemplating this one; is the angle of the screen the main reason you are returning it? That stinks if it is because all else seemed to be kind of decent with it!
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    yea, the angle of the screen is the ONLY reason I didn't like it. Everything else about it was awesome. I would suggest going into your local Apple store and trying it on your MacBook.
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    I examined this shell at the Glendale Apple store this weekend.

    I really like the way it feels, it reminds me of the old thinkpads with a suede/rubber like feel. I also like the way the case looks, which is unlike the wrapped in plastic look of the specks.

    Other than the screen angle problem I think the only other issue is that the interior (the part that touches the laptop) is not lined whatsoever, just hard plastic. Wish it was coated on the inside as well.

    This shell will prevent scratches (white macbooks) and oil marks (black macbooks).

    I am currently using a macally shell and while it is lined with felt on the inside and padded, it doesn't feel as nice as the incase and is also heavier & bulkier and the lack of ventilation holes on the macally product concerns me. The macally provides better protection but i may try the incase because i like its looks a lot more.
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    I'm thinking of getting a black shell for my white Macbook. The two tone combination would look nice. I'm somewhat perturbed by the accounts of the shell restricting the screen's opening. Can anyone here who's bought one comment on how much it affects the opening?
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    Tom B.

    This video from incase shows how to put the hardshell on, and at the end, you can see how far the lid opens.
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    Yeah, it doesn't look bad from the vid, but I'd like some more first-hand accounts from folks who actually use it. I'd also like to see pictures from people who've bought these and installed them...
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    There is a first hand account a couple posts up.
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    Thanks, I've read that, but I'd like one from someone who decided to keep the device. I'd also like pics from such folks too. The Youtube movie is okay, but some high res pictures of the open Macbook with the shell attached would go a lot farther toward showing how it looks when in use. I haven't been able to find any such shots online so far.
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    I will have to go to the Apple Store and check it out. I also like my Macbook open more than 90 degrees. That would defiantly stop me from buying one. I REALLY was hoping this case would be the one.
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    Yeah same here! I really like what it looks like, BUT 90 degrees limitation just wont cut it for my viewing the screen. Bummer. Too bad they couldn't trim down the back side to allow for more tilting of the screen.
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    its only for a macbook? no pro?!
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    Tom B.

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    I'm afraid that it would have the same effect on a Macbook that the hard, clear plastic cases had on iPhones. That is, grit gets between the case and the mac and in stead of protecting it, scratches it.
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    I just purchased one of these from my local Apple Store and LOVE it. From the earlier review my concern was about the lid opening up far enough. The first time I installed it in the store I noticed a little lip on the bottom case was not seated correctly. This caused the top case to not fully extend. Once I removed the bottom, and inserted the case so the lip was correct, the case fit perfectly.

    So, yes, you can fully open the lid and the Incase does not in any way hinder the viewing angle

    Thanks Incase for another great product.
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    That's Great news! Do you have any pics you can post to show this? Thanks! :)
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    Here are some pics. Sorry for the quality, I snapped them real quick.

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    Thank you Very Much for taking the time to take the pics and post them. Really appreciate that!

    IM going to order one soon! :rolleyes:
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    How much thicker does it make the macbook? Is it noticeable? Can you post pics of the side view with the lid fully open? Thanks!
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    Actually it doesn't make the Macbook feel any thicker. It has a really nice rubberized feel it it. The Black color blends perfectly with the inside black case color. It is very well make, with the side holes for the adapter, usb, etc... cut out perfectly. It has a nice tight solid feel.

    I tried putting it in my Incase Sleeve with the hardshell on, and it fit. Was a bit tight, but it's nice to know I can still use it for extra protection in a carry-on or tote bag. I am sure after a few times the Incase Sleeve with loosen a little and it will be easier to get in and out.

    Pics 3 and 4 are of the side view. It was not fully open, so it can go further before it is stopped. I will try to get a shot of it fully open from the side.

    Overall, I am VERY impress it with it.

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