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Incase Origami Sleeve + Smart Cover review.

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by DFig619, Mar 19, 2012.

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    (Sorry if the images are to large/not high quality I took the pictures on my 4s and submitting this thread via 3rd gen iPad)

    So with my recent purchase of the third generation iPad. Felt the need to keep it as naked as possible. So i decided i wanted a sleeve instead of a case.

    I really like Incase's design with their products, clean, sleek, simple. After viewing all of their iPad sleeves I felt that their Origami sleeve was the one for me. Full protection with a viewing angle while maintaining a simplistic design.


    The inside of the origami sleave is SUPER soft and will actually clean your screen at times whe you insert/remove it.


    In addition of the Incase sleeve I also wanted to buy a smart cover so that I have no worries of placing my iPad on a table and it getting scratched.

    A lot of problems with sleeves is that they can only hold the iPad alone with no case or smart cover.

    Turns out the origami sleeve can hold both iPad and smart cover perfectly!



    The origami sleeve folds into this triangular stand in which it still supports the iPad with the smart cover. In the viewing mode, the sleeve holds up very well no wobble what so ever.

    When charging I like to keep the top "lid" off so that I can plug it in while its in it's protective sleeve, just in case it's bumped off the table.


    So if you are indecisive in what to buy for your recent iPad purchase here are my two cents.
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    Great review defect! Thanks for sharing.

    I actually have a case that covers the front and back of my iPad but I like having a sleeve around it when I throw it in my backpack.

    Do you think this sleeve could accommodate an iPad with a case that covers front and back? I would guess that my case just about doubles the thickness of an iPad 2. Do you think this case could accommodate two iPads 2's worth of thickness..?

    I love that this sleeve folds into a stand and it would be nice to have the option while traveling to pull my iPad out of the case while hanging out in my hotel room and still have a convenient stand to set my iPad in.

    Thanks again for the review. :)
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    Double the iPad, no ? It's a perfect fit with the cover, at most if you have a slim back cover it should be able to work.
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    Thanks for you recommendation, I'm gonna pick this one for my future iPad 3rd gen, I really like it. I hope it's not that hard to close the sleeve completely as I heard it was.
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    The iPad alone fits in nice and snug, it won't fall out easy it may be hard to remove at first but then you learn ways of removing it.
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    nice review, i was looking for something similar. is this sleeve available in stores?
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    I had the Origami sleeve for my iPad 1. Since I got the new iPad, the sleeve is very loose. I plan on getting a smart cover and a slim fit back like the Incipio Smart Feather.

    My calculations and your review confirm that I should be okay with this combo. Thanks for the review!!!
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    I personally like the back snap-on/Smart Cover combination for my iPad, but I do like "origami" idea that they use for this one. Pretty interesting. A buddy of mine at work got a sleeve and is using his iPad naked with a Smart Cover as well. He seems to be very happy with that setup.
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    I got the incase and I'm really happy with that
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    Battlefield Fan

    I also have a red smart cover and origami sleeve and love both!

    No zippers to scratch anything and its minimal. I'd suggest this to anyone!
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    What's the MSRP on this puppy? BTW, nice review.

    I got my black with ghost armor on the front, and their carbon fiber on the back. My red smart cover was falling apart, but do to Applecare, it was covered. Hit that puppy with a couple of coats of water barrier to try and keep it nice and pristine looking as long as possible.

    Not too long after I got my 2, I found a targus leather case for the iPad 1 on sale, and it handles both the two and three easily with the smart cover. If I didn't like its looks, hook and loop plus magnetic enclosure, I'd probably swoop this up.

    My logitech folding keyboard doesn't want to play with this too well, it's a bit of a tight fit, and I'm afraid it's going to chew up the carbon on the back.
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    how did u get a WHITE smart cover?
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    I think that is grey.... ;)
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    I was looking for something as simple as this. I got a black leather matter cover and I wanted a sleeve to carry it around.
    And I like your idea of charging it in this sleeve.

    Thank you!
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    A new coupon code from Incase got released... NEWIPAD

    You will save 25% off and shipping is free. Not bad since it's free shipping but not as good as a couple of weeks ago when they had a 40% off coupon...better than retail though...
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    On Amazon, it's $19.99.
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    Might be a fake one.
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    It's actually the light blue cover, the lighting makes it look white


    34.95 at www.goincase.com but with the code that was posted on this thread it will be cheaper if it works ;)
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    Does anyone have experience with using this sleeve with a Smart Cover and a back cover (if specifically, an Incipio Smart Feather)? I just feel like the combination would be perfect for storing in a backpack.
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    Lol...did you just copy/paste the website?
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    I'm interested in getting this case but the 25 percent off coupon doesn't work anymore :\

    But i found out that if the incase facebook page reach 50,000 like they will release a 50% off promotional coupon. Everyone should go like their page!
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    Funny you should say that. I'm getting my feather case in the mail today I'll post pics with a review
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    Thanks! Looking forward to it. The Origami (at least the one for the iPad 2 on Youtube reviews) looks pretty tight though.
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