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    Aug 6, 2010
    I finally broke down and bought the "Incase Origami sleeve". I really love it more than I thought I would. For one it's very light weight but still protective and also doesn't do a bad job doubling as a stand. I read a few reviews about it being too tight and hard to get in and out of etc. The one thing I learned is that you have to have the screen facing the hard back inside of the sleeve. Otherwise it is an extremely hard to get in.

    Ipad on stand in horizontal position:

    Ipad on stand in verticaltal:

    Ipad on stand left view:

    Ipad on stand right view:

    Ipad on stand from behind: height is a little over 5"

    Front view of Origami:

    Back view of Origami:

    Origami stand anchor side view (sorry bad pic):

    Proper ipad position inside the sleeve:

    Object depth comparison:

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