Incipio MBA 13" Sleeve Review

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Peteyy, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Peteyy, Aug 5, 2011
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    I said I would comment when I received mine so here it goes!

    Bought from:

    I live in the UK and selected FedEx delivery because I wanted it fast which cost $15 but came in 2 days from the US :eek: I also used discount code FBFAN2011 so altogether it came to $32 / £20 (arround)

    I was scared to order incase it didn't fit my new 2011 MBA as mentioned by some other people. Pre ramble over!

    The case came nicely packaged with a little leaflet of other products:


    The case was easy to unbox:


    The seams seemed perfect all the way round:


    The lining seems nice and will apparently clean your MBA:


    The moment of truth... It fitted like a glove when slid in thin end first :)


    It was easy to take it by pitching the seam at the bottom, but would not fall out if tipped upside down (i was careful when i tried this :D)

    But would it fit wedge side first ... No not that it really matters:


    • The seams are abit stiff and dig in abit when u carry it under your arm, I will be putting it in a bag so not really an issue for me (and you can prob get used to it)
    • It has a strange smell to it (bait like glue) which someone said will go after a couple of days. Ill update it in 2 days :D.
    • The opening to grab the laptop at the top is quite big and Im hoping nothing in my bag will scratch this bit.
    • (Not really that bad) but it doesn't fit both ways round.
    • The black one seems to be showing my oily fingers a little.


    • Mentioned above really but...
    • Cheap
    • Low profile and lightweight, lovely fit with no bulging etc.
    • Professional looking (Personal opinion) I mean an expensive leather one would be nicer but if your on a budget...
    • I spoke to Incipio on web chat thing and they were very helpful.
    • Will clean dust off MBA (only time will tell)
    • Update - The case is quite sturdy so you can use it to rest the mba on if not using a desk

    I hope this review is helpful for those considering this sleeve and this is the in-depth review I have ever written.
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    Looks like a good looking sophisticated sleeve, matches nicely to the Air.
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    good stuff, thank you Sir. My dream case is the Level8 but $50 - ridiculous. This could be a viable alternative :)
  4. sm0
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    thanks op, just ordered this last night so good to see your review of it. looks like decent quality and well priced.
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    Good review. It's as though we had the case to examine.
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    This case looks more of a protective kind, have you looked at the Incase Neoprene although thats $40

    Let me know how you get on with it :)

    Thanks :)
  7. Harleyhum, Aug 5, 2011
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    I really like the design of this case...has anyone seen something similar for the 11" MBA? Oops...looks like Incipio makes 11" as well...but for some reason it looks thicker to me (the black version anyway)...maybe an optical illusion.
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    Im not sure about thicker looks like its good thickness wise but it too long?
    But I know what you mean, if I see anything else Ill let you know :)


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