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Incipio NGP for the iPhone 4S

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Eddyish, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Does anyone have this case? How do you like it? Is the headphone jack cutout too small? Would you suggest it? If you do would you suggest the translucent grey or the translucent blue for a white iPhone?
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    I have the NGP for the iPhone 4, not the 4S, I believe its the same or very similar. I have it in black. I really liked it. Protected the phone from any minor mishaps. It was light and fairly thin. The headphone jack seemed just large enough to fit most headphones.
    I don't use headphones often so I really don't know what will and won't fit besides Apple's stock headphones. It was a good case, I would recommend it. It didn't have any major drawbacks for me.
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    I currently use the NGP. The case is excellent, slim yet it does protect drops(my phone falled from 3m and nothing!) and scratches. As for your main question, yes the audio cut out is quite small. My bose Mie2i and shure 215 fit but not so perfectly like the apple stock/in ear IEM's. As for my shure, the stock cable that came with the IEM's DOESN'T fit, but since i also bought an aditional cable with mic, that DOES fit because the jack head diameter is smaller than the non-mic cable. Shure 215 have detachable cables for me to change them.

    The design itself is not flashy or "sexy" in fact im already bored of it even though is a "perfect" case for me in terms of protection and profile(slim). If you're set on the NGP, I think a translucent blue would really good ;).

    As for a solution, I strongly advice you to check the Belkin 050 and SGP Modello series. Both cases are made of TPU like the NGP. As i've seen in some pictures, the Modello audio cut out seems to be quite bigger than the NGP but still i think it can limitate some aftermarket headphones/IEMS jack head.

    As for the Belkin 050, I haven't seen its cutout therefore I can't give you a precise answer.

    All in all, I think i will buy the Modello aswell. You should check it!

    PS. tell me what aftermarket headphone/IEM you have/want and ill check if it's jack head is compatible with the NGP audio cut out.

    Hope I helped! and sorry for any mistake while writing :)
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    I have had one on my 4 since august 2010, I really like it.

    Only bad thing is I ordered one from Amazon that said it would fit my 4s, but doesn't.

    If you do cut the case some around the silent switch then it should be able to fit.
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    Hope the o/p doesn't mind me jumping in - do you know is Westone headphones would fit? I have a pair of UM2, the connector is quite large.


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    I find the fit and finish to be pretty poor. A rough seam and mold injection point make the case feel cheap in your hand.
  7. Eddyish, Mar 26, 2012
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    Hey guys thanks for the comments. My earphones should be fine, it's just a standard 3.5 mm jack. I think I'll get them in blue. Thanks again guys!

    Edit: Just realised they don't ship to Hong Kong. Ugh...
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    You got some nice IEM's over there! As seen in some google images, the size of the jack head is of the same size of the stock non-mic cable of shures therefore i really believe it can't be compatible =/

    Another solution would be to buy a headphone adapter like the ones from monster

    Hope I helped.


    Im sure you can get them in a retail store. Come on! I got them in Peru haha.
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    Thanks for the reply. I've got the UM2, had them a couple of years now, so they are the older ones without the removable cable - great earphones though. It's as I'd suspected then, they do have a pretty large connector - looks like I'll be getting an extender then.
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    Good case as long as you do not care about rough edges and unfinished mold injection point.

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