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Incipio Smart Feather

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by str8bucs, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Well I have been up in the air about a case and I like the way the smart case works but don't like how it can break away.

    So I picked up the incipio smart feather for the iPad 2 and a black leather smart cover and I love it. It's slim and the smart cover just works, I was worried about the camera hole but it is dead on and it just works great.

    So if you are looking for protection and a slim fit those 2 are perfect
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    I have that combo, along with a Moko II that I impulse bought when they were 1/2 off. I like the slim combo, but definitely need something with more protection like the Moko at times. Unfortunately, it looks like the Moko has the same magnet placement issues others do, though they were very prompt and will be taking care of it.
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    I bought the Smart Feather as soon as they went on sale. Should be here in the next few days. I'll post back with my thoughts, but a major factor was the fact that it locks the smat cover in place.
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    Do any stores have these cases or are y'all getting them online?

    I imagine the stores don't have 'em yet but thought I'd ask.
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    OP is using the iPad 2 version and he told me that it's a perfect fit via PM.

    Hope this helps
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    Fart. I almost grabbed one but figure it wouldn't work and grabbed a Speck Fitfolio instead. It's nice, but I just hate folio cases. Back to WM tomorrow. Thanks for the info. Waiting on my NGP to get here!
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    I tried two different incipio feather cases for iPad 2; they both fit, albeit a little tight with the camera hole off by about 2-3 mm on the back. Also, I am noticing a bulge across the middle of the back, I am assuming this is from a tight fit. Are you seeing that as well OP?
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    I just ordered the frost color. Let's me still show off the back of the iPad...
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    What is this smart feather that everyone is talking about? Saw few pics, but is it only the back case or does it include the smart cover? If yes, is it removable?
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    Just wondering, did Apple "fix" the smart cover problems that I constantly saw when they were released. Such as ripping, magnets being flimsy in holding it to the screen, or marks/scratches do to unnoticeable friction between the side of the bezel and the smart cover's magnets?

    I would love to get it, but I'm so unconvinced about the smart cover...
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    Oh, okay. Thanks for the info!


    I've been using a leather smart cover with the iPad 2 and now my new one with no issues at all. I'm constantly folding it in half and rolling it to prop it up on a desk too.
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    does the speck fit folio work with the ipad, some were saying it doesnt work with the 3rd gen, if thats the case Ill buy one to hold me over until my other cases come in.
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    It does fit. :apple:
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    Thanks! I've been thinking with my white iPad, a navy blue smart cover would look so well...anyone know anywhere where you can get these for less than 69 a pop...
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    OP, I have the exact combo you are getting. Got the Incipio back 15 minutes ago and it is on the back of my new iPad now. Fits great and box says fits both the newiPad and the 2.
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    +1 on that from me. My frost one clips in but does not sit flush to back and bulges out. It also cracked and broke in 3 to 4 places after 6 months on my iPad 2, but that is another matter.
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    post pics
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    Only back case and it is removable to use without smart cover or with smart cover
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    No bulge for me
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    Here are pics of the camera being off center, and how it looks around the speaker grill and bottom.

    This is the new iPad with iPad 2 smart feather.

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  21. rwings01, Mar 17, 2012
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    The new smart feather fits the new iPad perfectly, photo not clear, but you get the idea.

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    Is the Smart Feather the best option for back protection with the Smartcover?
    Are there any other cases like this?
  25. rwings01, Mar 17, 2012
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    The belkin is for the Ipad 2, but fits perfectly on my new iPad (3rd gen) shown in the pics. 3rg gen iPad shown in the pictures.


    Both are good, but I prefer the Belkin as it protects the top/bottom of the iPad (3rd gen) a little more imo. Either would be fine.

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