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Incoming call on Lock Screen

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by dvir971, Jun 20, 2013.

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    Can someone post a picture of an incoming call on the Lock Screen (I mean when the iPhone is locked and not in use, because I saw how it looks when the iPhone is in use).
    I mean, I wonder how it looks since there is no "slide to unlock" bar. I hope it not looks like Android.
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    It looks the same. There's a bar at the buttom which you slide to answer.
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    When they call while you're using the phone, there's a decline and answer button just like before.
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    "Skippy" was my call of enjoyment and joy
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    I just thought you were referencing a long gone Australian TV show from the 70's :)

    On topic, has anyone else found the green slide to answer bar hard to read?
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    i agree, its very hard to see.
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    Well since everyone else seems to be giving unhelpful and smartass answers I figured I would post a picture for ya looks pretty much like you would expect it to base on the rest of the OS

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    Thanks for the picture, that what I really wanted. Looks great!
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    The decline button seems to be gone when receiving a call on locked iPhone? How to reject a call? 2x power/standby? Pretty annoying to let it ring until VM kicks in..
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    Rajani Isa

    I'd guess that's it - 1x to silent the ring, 2x to send straight to voice.
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    Decline was never on lock screen, was it? Or did it appear when you raised the options.
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    Decline was never on the lockscreen. It's only when the iPhone is unlocked and you receive an incoming call.
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    Oh right I thought is was!
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    Decline is on the lock screen if you slide the bar up in iOS 6
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    Yup. I believe that is correct. I only did it once by mistake. The power button once to mute the ringer worked just fine for me.

    I did notice how it was easier to accidentally answer a call while in my pocket now with iOS 7.
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    Slide up the options from the right corner.
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    I kept tapping the big green bar, because I couldn't see the "slide" text at all. I finally figured it out after missing a few phone calls. :(
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    Same. They need to overlay some landing strip type arrows over the buttons your are supposed to slide.
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    Yup, same for the lock screen (and the up arrow for control centre right below where is says "Slide to unlock" causing confusion). I always slide right to left as I'm left handed when I try to open the phone... The new design is just being a little too minimalist and slick for its own good in some areas.
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    What I found amazing is that even after having an iPhone for 4+ years, I still attempted to slide up on the lockscreen to unlock because I saw the control center arrow. Almost everybody I've handed my phone to has done this as well, despite all having iPhones and iPads.
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    For some reason I just presumed it was slide to unlock (the way it has always been) so thats what I did when I first installed iOS 7. They do need to make it clearer though - i'm sure it will change over the beta process.


    It is a Beta and Apple have stated that the UI will change throughout the process.
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    Not amazing at all. I installed iOS 7, saw the control center arrow beneath the "slide to unlock" text, and thought, "Oh, they must have changed the slide direction." I think that's a very natural thought to have, given the positioning of the arrow and text.
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    Good to see I was not the only person who did it then :)
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    When you slide, does the label move (like the button on iOS 6? Seems it would be awkward if you slide over the green and it doesn't move and it just answers.

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