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Incomplete Podcasts & Downloading Old Episodes...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by amphibious, Mar 30, 2008.

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    Two questions.

    First, I subscribe to a number of NPR podcasts. About 20% of the podcasts I get are incomplete, some cut out a couple minutes before the show ends, some aren't even close to complete (like 5 minutes out of a 60 minute show). I have tried deleting the podcast and downloading it again, deleting the subscription and resubscribing, even uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes and they all fail at the exact same spot. My friends who subscribe to the same set of podcasts are also experiencing the problem, but it is occurring with different sets of episodes (ie. a podcast that is complete for me won't be complete for them and vice versa).

    Second, I subscribed to a podcast just recently and, like most podcasts, it started downloading the most recent episode and displayed a list of older episodes. Normally, since most of the podcasts I listen to are current events-based I delete the grayed out list of older episodes, but I have since decided that I want to download all the older episodes of this show that I can download, but I can't figure out (short of uninstalling/reinstalling) how to get those episodes to be displayed again. I have tried deleting the podcast and resubscribing with no luck.

    Any help on either of these subjects would be excellent.

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    As to the second question -- go to the iTunes Store, find the podcast, click on the icon at the top to open that list and then click on the "get" button.

    What NPR podcasts are you having trouble with? I subscribe to many of them as well, and have not had problems.
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    Second issue is fixed. Thanks.

    I've had podcasts of This American Life, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, Car Talk (the most current episode, for example), and Talk of the Nation get cut off early, there are others, but I can't remember them specifically.
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    Hmmm. I tried the most recent Car Talk (3/28) and it played fine all the way through. Sorry I can't be more help here. Hopefully somebody else has experienced this and will post.

    Glad you got the second issue fixed!
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    This happens to me constantly with NPR podcasts. It is infuriating. It especially seems to happen with Fresh Air and Wait Wait. The latest Wait Wait is only 3 minutes long for me. When I try to download it directly from the NPR site, I get like 7 minutes of it. It seems to me like this must be a bug on the NPR servers. Like maybe they "close the spigot" before the whole file downloads......
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    This has happened to me several times as well. Last week's This American Life was only the first 6 minutes. This week's was only 3. Wait Wait has cut off several times in the past as well as Car Talk.

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