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Incredible commercial!!!

Discussion in 'Community' started by baby duck monge, May 15, 2003.

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    baby duck monge

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    :D cool
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    yeah its been posted before, but still nice.
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    Very nice.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Someone else posted this a while back, very cool stuff - and only one or two items were not real (tire going up for example) all the rest of it actually happened. That's the most amazing part.

    D :D
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    i thought ALL of it was real?

    here's a good read about it though...honda article
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    This was real. The tires are weighted on one side with nuts and bolts (glued in place) and balanced so as when they are pushed (even slightly) from the other side they roll far enough up the hill to hit the next tire.
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    Yeah, I saw that a few weeks ago. It just kept going on and on. Pretty amazing.

    I also like that one Honda commercial with that robot that they built. :D
  10. Wes
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    Yeah, I got the free dvd from honda. It's pretty cool. Took them 5 months to make it; a couple of french guys were the directors. It showed the first few takes where they couldn't get the first two cogs to hit. :mad:
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    Mr. Anderson

    All I can say to that is wow! Very cool and amazing.

    So how do I go about getting a DVD of the commercial with all the comentary?

  12. Wes
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    I wonder if I could rip the dvd and send it to you over AIM or something, you think Honda would mind? Just more advertising for them....
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    They would probably acutally like that! ;) :D
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    It was nice to see it again thanks! The nicer version was done via QuickTime, just a clearer version Apple quality!
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    If you can source a copy of the June issue of 'Jack' magazine, then there is a copy of it on DVD-Video in there.... Try Boarders as they stock UK mags.... I know that evoluzione knows of some places in NYC that sell UK mags... maybe drop him a PM to see if he can source you a copy if you have problems....

    Maybe contact Honda UK as well.... I'm sure they'd be willing to help.... especially if you say that you'll be moving to the UK and are in the market for a sports sedan!! ;)

    It'll likely make U.S. TV soon as well!!
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    where can we find the QT version??
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    This thing took 5 months of prep compared to the usual 3 to 4 weeks. It was shot in two pieces and composited together and required over 600 takes to get it right.
    This a spot that trancends the commercial format and is sure to win big at the Cannes Advertising Festival.
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    Doctor Q

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    Yeah, cool. Back in pre-history, I nice little band that has been unjustly forgotten since - The Trash Can Siantras - made a video for a song approproately called "Obscurity Knocks" which wasthe same thing. Very, very cool.
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    Doctor Q

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    Is it online anywhere?
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    I'm very glad you asked. I've been watching the VHS recording I made back in college off of MTV, but b/c of your question I went searching and found...


    I was under the impression that they had broken up, but I guess not. Video is there in QT - a little small, but it's there. Not as complex as the Honda ad, but still very cool.
  23. Wes
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    The tyres rolling up the incline and many of the ideas are similar. I have a dvd that shows the making of the Honda and it said they were experimenting with other ideas like fire and such.
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    Doctor Q

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    You are right, Foxer. It's a fun video. I guess the Honda engineers were watching old Trash Can Sinatras videos one day, saw the tires on the ramp, and decided to make their own version!

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