Incubus: Calgone

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Cooknn, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Trip on this. You have to listen to the entire 5:13. Kick in $0.99 you won't regret it :p (actually it's 16:03 on the album - much better).
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    what a great song. and yeah, the 16 minute version is faaar better. try to pick that up if you can. ;)
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    Not the best song on the album, but definately still awesome. Get the CD though so you get it in all its wierd funky glory :D

    Back when Incubus were still funky!
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    I bought this CD about a month ago.

    Very impressed with it and like it better than their newer work.

    Cool song!
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    Im listening to that right now! Thats weird :rolleyes:

    Its not their best song tho and the one on the album is definitely better

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