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Indie-only AudioLunchbox.com serves music with no DRM

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Mar 18, 2004.

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    plays straight onto iTunes no problem. Except being in NZ i am not sure if i can purchse it yet...?
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    That's the second best approach I have seen (iTunes being #1 of course). I like it, alot. Especially nice are the free tracks you get when purchasing a card. I'll have to check out what's available artistwise, kinda slim pickens at this point.
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    they actually have a damn fine selection of independent artists in comparison to itunes... I think they complement each other nicely.
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    "Anyone in the world can download tracks from us." :)
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    I think Apple should strike a deal with AudioLunchbox.com Just like Apple struck a deal with audible.com iTunes could have a separate "Audio Lunchbox" section or an Indie section that would offer exactly the same service as audiolunchbox offers: no DRM, nothing but indie. Apple would get a small cut and the artists would still get the lions share.
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    I read that artists get about $0.11 per track sold on iTMS, what are they getting from Audio Lunchbox?
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