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Infinity Blade Dungeons Delayed Until Next Year

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Epic Games demonstrated Infinity Blade Dungeons -- the next release in the best-selling series -- at the launch of the new iPad this past March. The company called it "an amazing new project" and said the game was designed for the iPad's new Retina display.

    However, it now appears that the game won't be released until 2013 according to AllThingsD. At this rate, the game may well be optimized for the fourth generation iPad.

    Article Link: Infinity Blade Dungeons Delayed Until Next Year
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    Gasu E.

    For staple fights, of course.
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    I never really understood why they showed it off with the iPad 3. It was clearly not even close to ready.

    I guess maybe it will be an iPad 4 launch title now.

    It should run great on an A6 with PowerVR Rogue graphics.
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    Was looking forward to this, hope Real Racing 3 comes out quickly in the mean time!
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    Sounds like someone didn't manage scope creep very well.

    I was really excited about this game when I ordered my iPad. I kept checking their site to hopefully see that it had been launched. At the very least I was hoping for a Christmas-time launch.
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    Boo hiss
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    This is a huge letdown. I was looking forward to playing this game. I suppose it would be better though that they don't rush it out with a ton of bugs but wait until it can be played flawlessly. Anyway, I'm still excited for this game!! :D
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    Not surprising. I'm guessing vaporware / failware.

    What do you expect when you take something that was in development, had lots of game assets and designs back in March 2012. Then sometime around August they took all that work and transferred it to the bankrupt failed development team they pulled out of the RI 38 Studios mess.

    When a dev has to pick up someone else work, disaster.
    When that dev picking up the work already has a reputation for running themselves into the ground, hopeless.
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    I can relate to that. My first iOS game, Animal Trackers, was only meant to take one month, so that I could get a feel for iOS developement. By the time it was released, it was two and a half YEARS later! :/
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    Watch this not even be able to run on the new Ipad (2012 model) lol
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    duke nukem dungeons anyone? here's hoping that this has a better fate than duke did...
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    Boooo. Lets hope they tweak and make it less repetitive and boring then the other infinity blade games
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    Bummer! Well, as long as it runs on my 5th Gen iPod touch, I'll be happy as I'm assuming it won't run on my first gen iPad (which I can't exactly upgrade as easily as I did my iPod touch given how much pricier iPads are).
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    Epic Games..
    Epic Fail...
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    STiNG Operation

    Well seeing that technically next year is a couple months away....lol
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    This way, they can use it as a showcase for the iPad 4 introduction :D
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    now it's truly a Diablo-esque game, it's been delayed!
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    I don't mind. Looks great so far. A few more months of dev time should do wonders.
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    isn't this like vaporware?
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    Noooo I was waiting for this game! I played the hell out of IB 1 & 2!
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    Oh cool, Diablo!
    Hopefully it'll be a lot more Diablo than the last Diablo.

    I doubt they'll make some poor fools pay real money for equipment, then flush it all away every patch; rendering old expensive loot worthless and flooding the market with new crap.

    Also, arbitrary annihilation of entire builds (they must throw every bad idea into a hat, and promptly use every single one of them) based around said equipment. Silly Blizzard is silly.

    They've confused Skinner's rat with Schrodinger's cat.

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