InfoWorld: Apple's Mac OS X 'will trounce Linux, give Micr...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 6, 2004.

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    This guy apparently has seen the light.

    By the time Longhorn comes out we'll have atleast 10.5 or 11(fully 64 bit OS).
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    can't wait for that G5 laptop

    imagine 10.4 on a brand new spanking G5 laptop.. and then I can turn it over and probably cook an egg :)

    go APPLE :)
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    I doubt Apple will call the fully 64 bit version of the OS, OS 11.

    The whole OS "X" thing has a promo value that "OS XI" or "OS 11" lacks.

    As long as we're on a Mach micro-kernel with BSD based Darwin, I think it'll be OS X.

    Maybe Mac OS X 11.0 !?!? (wouldn't that be confusing!)

    ... or even "Mac OS X 64-Bit Edition v1.0" ?
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    "OS XI" = "Oh Es Ex Eye" = "Oh Es Exy" => "Oh Sexy"

    Yeah, "Oh Es Eleven" is boring. But "Oh Sexy" isn't. ;)

    Nice article, though. Nothing new, but nice to see it in print.
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    When did Tom Yager not? He's been quite open to alternatives.
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    InfoWorld has been pretty platform nuetral, a nice change from the Windoze worshiping rags you normally see.

    I especially liked their recent article very favorably comparing AMD based 64 bit server servers and G5 XServes:

    [edit: Hey, that was post #1000 - I'm at 16 bits now - woohoo :p ]
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    Yes, several people at Infoworld have been very open to Macs--they've even adopted some Macs for use in their own IT operations. And they're a long-respected print magazine even before they added a web site--you could hardly ask for a more credible IT endorsement.
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    Functionality and ease of use, Mac OSX will trounce Linux, and already does Windows...

    ... but unless Apple lower its prices, not many Linux users are going to migrate to OSX when they can get Linux - middle of the road - better than Windows but inferior than Macs - on a $400 PC.

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