Ingress - Augmented Reality Game from Google Released Today -Google Glass seems close

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    Sign up for Beta here

    Watch the Ingress Trailer!

    Solve the clues to get advanced tech/points at the Ninatic Project's Ingress website

    ^^ Adjust the slider on the bottom to get to the daily clues/posts

    I'm eagerly awaiting my activation code for the Beta.:D
    If anyone had any doubts about what kind of features we can expect from Google have a sample here. Google has also hired game designers/writers to populate the game daily with events and story-lines.

    Also, Google being Google, this game will have tie-in's with businesses. No..there will be no ads. But gamers who go to those business locations (stores probably) will get XC points ( XC points are the "energy source" one has to collect in order to do in game actions. These XC are scattered around all over the place, and some..will naturally be inside stores which signed up with Google). The gamers who do go to those stores will get discounts. Google has already signed up some business and are about to sign up more.

    I think this is a Genius Business plan by Google. Not only are they going to hook Millions of people into an AR game, but they are going to make people go to businesses often without showing a single Add. Businesses would gain because these people are not the people who look at an "ad" on the side of a website and do nothing..but are people who physically come to the stores!. if Google plays this card right(and also similar features/games in Google Glass), I can guarantee they stand to make Untold Billions of $. In fact this is probably the next generation of media/Social/marketing...Augmented Reality/Game/Shopping/life all merged into one...and Free.

    I cant wait to get my code! and I look forward to Google Glasses even more!
    Will you be the "Resistance" or the "Enlightenment" ;)


    Some Screenshots
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    Watching the YT video got me all hyped up & I signed up. Hopefully, I get lucky & get in beta. I agree, this is a genius move by Google which I think will payoff tenfolds.
  3. digital.l0gic, Nov 15, 2012
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    ^^ Seems like this is the first portal to be captured during the Beta phase
    ^^ link to source.

    Apparently the progress of the game can also be monitored using computers/tablets (similar to Google Maps). But one has to be physically at the portal location to interact with it.For that one needs an Android phone/Google Glass.

    The Help page for the Ingress game is up. Wow its much more deep and involved than I initially imagined. Not only we have to find/capture/defend/fight for, portals. but we have to keep them recharged and upgraded or they lose their charge 10% a day and eventually turn into neutral portals.

    By hacking portals we can get "loot". Higher level portals yield higher level loot.

    Upgrading portals progressively gets harder/more social.

    for example

    More info here

    PS: Nice...seems like "portals' are going social by crowdsourcing potential portal spots.

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    Yep. I think this is Google getting into next gen computing. Social/Mapping/Marketing/Discovery/Physical activities..they are all going to blend into one. This might be the next big thing.

    +1 for getting lucky and snagging a beta invite. I'm in the same boat.
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    I signed up for the beta and hopefully receive my code. I wonder tho is it US only initially?

    In any case, this looks amazing and is a genius business move by Google. This is definitely the sort of thing that Glass will need to kick off in full force and is also an excellent approach for Google to boost their advertisement business in mobile.
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    Based on the screenshot of the first captured portal, I assume its available outside the US as well. The Screenshot shows part of Germany.

    The help page mentions that this game is meant to be played around the world. So my guess is that they will start rolling out support to the rest of the world after a initial beta.
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    This game is Awesome!

    Ok got the invite yesterday night (they are handing out invites to people once in a while over at Google + )

    #ingress page at Google+ has a competition going where creative posters get invite codes :). Dont forget to tag your posts with the names of #ingress, #Niatic and +Brandon Badger so they get notified of your post.

    This game is super awesome! I spent nearly two hours running around capturing portals..hacking..putting shields...fighting off enemy attacks.

    Another awesome part is the map. It allows u to keep track of the identified portals(not the yet to be uncovered ones by either team), links and the status of your own portals. A nifty feature allows u to chat with people from around the world. You can filter it by faction or geographic location. For example if you have the "limit to visible map" option, you can only chat with people who live in the map area you are looking at. That feature is seriously cool. I can say..limit to people who live only a few blocks from me by zooming into that area...or zoom out to include more and more people.

    This is probably the best Mobile game i have ever played.

    Oh..also I joined the Resistance

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    That is so, so awesome. I'll get myself an Android for a second phone if it's done well, which it sounds like it has been. Well done Google.

    Can anyone who has received an invite comment as to how it works? Does each team receive a score based on how many areas they control, with the score being tallied up worldwide?
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    Guys I have an invite code for this game. If one of you guys are really interested in playing this game, pls reply to this message and I'll pm the code. As I only have one code I'm gonna do first come first serve.
  10. digital.l0gic, Nov 17, 2012
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    Guys the Invite Code is still available. If you guys want to play this game and are looking for an invite, Reply to this post and ill Pm it.

    I have been playing this for about a day and a half, and all I can say is that this game is awesome!. People are literally out at 3 Am in the night trying to take over/secure obscure resonators!. The game allows us to keep track of global progress/happenings in real time. The mobile app allows us to see only 300 meters in either direction cos that's the range of the devices "Scanner' (intentional game limitation for fun factor). However the Intel map ( can be accessed via a browser and its Google map with the game overlay. The Intel map allows us to view stuff anywhere in the world.

    I love the built in Chat which allows u to talk to "All" or 'Faction". There is another feature that allows you to talk to/see posts from those who live in the map location you are viewing at the screen right now. This is an Awesome feature cos say for example i wanted to team up with some members of the "resistance" who live near me..then all i have to do is to zoom down in the map to say a block..or a few blocks(usually about 1 mile radius works best because not many people have the invites to play the Beta test version of this game) level and select the "Restrict to Map" option.Super awesome tool to gather a local team.

    Btw here is the screenshot of the portals around Stanford.I'm planning to go and take out some of those Enlightenment(green) portals in an hour or two.

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    digital.l0gic - I'll take a code if u still have it. PM me. I'm getting my Nexus 4 on monday

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    Hi kalex, I'm sorry i already gave it away a short while before your post.

    However NiaticProject Google+ page, and the Google + page of Brandon Badger(a Niatic project/Google Employee) are still giving out the codes.

    Especially Brandon Badger is giving out codes for creative posts... quite a few of them actually. I posted a lame-ass "creative" post and got my invite a couple of days I guess they just want to see you try something creative. Check it out

    I hope you get lucky!. I wish I had more to give out.

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    My geekiness went through the roof just looking at the screen shots.
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    if anyone else has one please let me know

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    If anyone has a free code, place hook up a fellow applerumors brethren.
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    Sounds awesome. So does a member of a team need to be near a portal in order to retain control of it? Is it when they're undefended that you can go and take control of it for your team?
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    I got an activation code but I'm waiting on my Nexus 4 so I can start playing it on that. I'm not sure if it's linked to the device or just your gmail account but the Nexus 4 should be here tomorrow so I can wait till then.


    Did you try requesting one from their website? Didn't take them long till they emailed me back. 6 days assuming I requested it on the day of when this thread was started.
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    I haven't played yet, but looking at the reviews I think it's a awesome game. I haven't seen so many reviews for a "closed-beta" game before this. The idea looks very interesting. Whoever has played the game, do write back about your experience.
    There is some suggestion that google might be using the data collected from the game for improving walking directions(!). If it's true, not a bad idea I say.
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    I'm planning on playing some this week since I have a few days off. Hopefully I don't run into any problems (other than people staring at me like I'm crazy) since I'll be using a N7 and not a smart phone.
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    I'm not sure if it works or not but in the Google play page it mentions its optimised for phones not tablets.

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    I can't be the only one who has no idea what this is lol
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    This looks awesome! Wish I would get my invite.

    If anyone knows how to speed it up, do post. Or PM me if you have a spare invite you might part with :).

  23. 3bs
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    My friend requested one and got it the next day.

    Just went on the first training mission!

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    I'm kind of clueless. From what I'm gathering it looks kinda like a real life version of capture the flag but with actual locations.

    I think it looks cool but there is no way I could dedicate those kind of resources to a game. Lol
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    ok that is what I was least from the "dedicating resources standpoint." It looks like a full time job haha.

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