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Initio SCSI Drivers for OS X...Finally!

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 18, 2001.

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    I just received an e-mail from Dan, Initio's support guru, letting me know that indeed Initio has released beta OS X drivers for their Miles UltraWide SCSI board (PCI). I have been awaiting these since before the public beta and must say, they seem to work like a charm! It's quite nice having access to my 10,000 RPM UW drive again!
    I'll reiterate that they are beta drivers, and as such have some stated limitations: they only support hard disks at this time (no other SCSI devices), you cannot boot from a connected drive, and "deep sleep" mode is not supported. However, Dan tells me that he has had a user report indicating that there was a lucky user who successfully installed OS X on his SCSI drive and did see that drive boot the system. I will give this a shot soon, but ant any rate, expanded functionality will no doubt arrive in driver updates.
    The firmware update for the Miles board can be found in the Drivers section of Initio's Site. Drivers for Initio's Bluenote and MilesU2W boards will soon be released, as well.
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    You really do stand to see some increased performance when using a nice SCSI solution for OS X. I have a b&w G3 400 which has a pretty fast 6GB UltraATA/33 drive&controller. I get 12MB/sec sustained on that -- not bad. But on the Miles UW SCSI card with my 10,000 RPM drive, I get 23MB/sec sustained. And the CPU utilization is much lower on the SCSI subsystem, and SCSI's better in general as it's more intelligent (drive geometry is taken into account when writing, etc.) -- and command queuing is a nice feature of SCSI.

    The SCSI benefit is getting smaller, with UltraATA controllers getting faster, utilizing DMA, and with the price of ATA drives dropping -- but SCSI, there's an engineer's bus for you!

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    no go

    I was unable to get OS X to boot from a SCSI drive that I installed it on. Oddly when I selected an ATA drive from the installer, it said ~650MB required for install, but when I selected a SCSI drive, it said 1.1GB needed for install! Odd. Anyway -- did an install and got the broken-folder when booting

    Contacting Initio to see what that one successful guy did to get a boot. Will keep you posted!

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    I just got an e-mail from Dan at Initio's tech support who pointed me back to an update on their website. Yes -- they've FIXED the SO X driver so that now you CAN boot from a Miles-connected drive on a G3. Apparently there are still issues with G4's preventing booting but as of this recent update, G3's should boot fine!

    I will give this a shot when I get home from work this evening!

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    Initio OS X

    We are posting updates as we have them. Please e-mail Dan with any suggestions or comments. I will suggest that users who are sampling our BETA drivers check back daily for updates.

    Bob McWilliams
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    With the latest drivers, my OS X system booting off the Miles board works great!! Excellent!! Finally...speed!


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