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Inside Apple's Comeback

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 23, 2004.

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    Hang a sec. Let me get this right. Apple may devote its energy to making Shrek III instead of computers, software and ipods?

    Hmmm, I think that editorial is well and truly flawed.
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    Yes -- but I found the stuff about Arabic typesetting interesting, only because very occasionally we have to set some type in Welsh... without a bought character set.

    I'm looking forward to the greater takeup of Opentype...
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    Pixar did not make Shrek, that would be DreamWorks. Plus Steve did not found Pixar, he bought it from George Lucas. This article is pure poppycock.
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    Right and wrong.

    correct: Pixar had absolutely nothing to do with Shrek (I or II).

    Somewhat correct:
    Lucas did not start or found Pixar. Lucas created a computer animation department within Lucasfilm. Steve Jobs purchased that department and founded Pixar with it. It cost SJ $10 million, quite possibly one of the steals of the century.

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    I stand corrected. Thanks for the info.

    Ian :)
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    Plus an accumulated debt of $50, so essentially $60 million in four years! And all this whilst Next was haemorrhaging money. Obviously it's turned about to be a great deal but sure didn't seem like it then when Steve was making cut backs left, right and centre. But hey, who's laughing now! ;) :p
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    Just got one word to say about this bloke, dumba$$. I agree, most things he had to say were insightful and well researched. But at the end he missed the point all together. From how he looks at it, macs are just computers in pretty boxes and we it's flower-power parents totally goo-goo'ed by it's presence. We love our macs because of how they perform, do as they are told, and don't get sick, and look good. The experience as a whole is undeniably superior to our M$ counterparts, and after getting a taste of that, we can never go back. If that was the case, everyone would buy alienware or sony. We use our macs because they just work. I would love to tell him this, but this lovely and highly respectable journalist left no contact info.... interesting...
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    Thanks for editing that. Thought the first draft was a little bit offensive... there are quite a few women on this forum.

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