Install a Raptor 150 in an iMacIntel

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 18, 2006.

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    Warranty Voided! Think before you act!
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    But it would make a heckuva boot drive for a Dual/Quad G5...
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    wtf... just putting in a new HD voids the warentee, what the **** apple. that is so rediclious, I will never buy a computer where I cant even upgrade my own hard drive without voiding the warentee... espically if its a desktop, and intel ruined the inside of the iMac, the G5 was soo good looking inside
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    The G5 imac revision 3 (the thin one) looks identical to the intel based one.

    And it should void the warrantee, computers were not made to be modded. (well, they were..but... at your own risk, knowledge!)
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    That's a very Apple way to do things. The first Mac model was like that, and there have been more like that on and off ever since. The early G5 iMacs were kind of unusual, all-in-ones hadn't made the guts accessible in years.
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    That's not what the Applecare representatives told me after I asked about upgrading the hard drive in my PowerBook. They did tell me to keep these things in mind:

    1. If you damage the computer while upgrading, Applecare won't cover the damage.

    2. Should the new hard drive fail, it's up to you to request a warranty replacement from the manufacturer.
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    The catch-all gotcha in the apple warranty is "This warranty does not apply: . . . (e) to a product or part that has been modified to significantly alter functionality or capability without the written permission of Apple". That pretty much leaves it up to their discretion if they want to fix a machine that's been upgraded by an end user, since "significantly" is such a weasel term :(

    Full iMac warranty as used in USAia.
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    Yeah -- significantly is a pretty vague term. Despite what the Applecare Rep told me, I've decided that I'm happy with the 60gb drive in mine.
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    Bummer, the site is down. What effect would this have on the system as far as heat and noise? It seems like the system is designed to be able to handle some heat, since they sell the iMac Core Duos with 500 gig hard drives. I'm planning on getting a 20" iMac in a few months and this seems like a great mod to do. This with two gigs from OWC for $120 each would make a nice second addition to my Mac family.
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    I'll be upgrading to a Seagate 160GB drive in my MacBook when they come out with SATA drives sometime this summer. (All they have right now is EIDE.) All I really need is the Apple Service Manual for the MacBook Pro and I'll be set. I repair laptops in my day to day job. A PowerBook* will is just a prettier laptop. If it gets too complicated I've been told the Apple stores can upgrade the drive for you for a fee. Will you be paying through the nose for it? Sure but considering it's an upgrade that comes around once or twice in a systems life $50-$100ish isn't too bad. Considering I just blew 3K on a laptop its not bad.

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