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install Lion on a brand new ML iMac (preinstalled)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by eLoup, Jul 27, 2012.

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    Hi everyone. I will be buying an iMac and am expecting (worst-case scenario, for me) that ML will be pre-installed on the iMac. However, for software compatibility purposes, it will be very likely that I need be be able to run Lion (heck, or even Snow L.) I am purchasing Nuke and Hiero (The Foundry), but unfortunately these two programs are not ML complaint, and there is a chance there may be compatibility issues. The Foundry does not seem very pressed to update Nuke or Hiero just for ML compatibility, so the wait may be long.

    If I create a partition on my new iMac and install Lion or Snow L. on that partition and boot off from that partition, is this going to work ? I've never partitioned my Mac before, so don't really know how this works...

    Many thanks for the eventual hints !!!

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    When are you buying your Mac? Because Apple's isn't sending out new machines with ML until the ones are already with Lion gone and they'll just give you a code for ML.
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    I'm buying as soon as I can, so today even, if possible. I have been holding off because I've feared compatiblity issues. I will be puchising from Apple.fr - I live and work in Paris so off the French Apple site.

    If I purchase imediatly, I don't stand a chance to get a ML iMac ?

    I know from experience that Nuke and Hiero both run fine under Lion, so if I get a Lion iMac I'll be really happy.

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