Installed 10.8 by creating a partition, Disk Utility wont give me back free space

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by yogarcia, Jul 27, 2012.

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    I had an issue installing 10.8 on my 2010 mac so I followed the steps given here:

    After I successfully installed ML, I tried to get my space back. [space left from deleting bootcamp partition]. However, Disk Utility gives me a few errors:

    When I try to verify the hard drive:

    MY current hard drive partition set up:

    When I try to erase Untitled partition:

    Notice how my Macintosh HD is not taking up the entire space at the bottom, if I try to take back that space nothing happens. Any help would be appreciated. :(
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    Hi yogarcia,

    I'm having the exact same issue. Deleted a Bootcamp partition and now my 'freespace' has been stuck in some void. I'm currently unable to make a new partition or even merge it back to my primary partition. When I attempt to OSX claims it is being used for CoreStorage and must be adjusted using 'diskutil' in Terminal. Unfortunately, it's not even showing up at all in there...


    I was disappointed to see that no one replied to your post. Were you able to find a solution? If not I think I'll need to schedule a Genius appointment.

    It seems that I shouldn't have upgraded to OSX 10.8 so soon. There appears to be lots of wacky disk issues with it as it also broke one of my Time Machine external drives. I had to use a linux computer just to make the drive readable again by OSX.
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    Did you use the Boot Camp utility to remove the boot camp partition?
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    The Boot Camp utility locked up after eight hours after selecting remove. After opening disk utility, there appeared to be no change. So to answer your question, no. I used disk utility to erase the volume which generated errors. Any subsequent attempts give me the issue I posted above.

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