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Installed SSD and blade SSD, now there are stripes down my screen

Discussion in 'iMac' started by thepiks, Jan 3, 2013.

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    any ideas what I might have unplugged? where is the video card plug into motherboard at? I can see some of my screen just fine but other stripes are off white and white. please help
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    Did you use the iFixit teardown and look over their process to see where everything is located and see all of the connectors?

    iFixit 2012 iMac Teardown
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    OMG the iMac is broke return it for a FULL refund ;)
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    It would appear that this guy opened up his iMac and installed some internal SSDs, not sure that's covered by AppleCare...
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    there isn't a 27 inch tear down is there?
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    There was two plugs for the monitor ,

    maybe one of them isn't pushed back in correctly.

    When we pulled apart our 27"
    We sat screen on counter infront of it and connected then powered up before we stuck it back on.

    Because now assuming you just stuck it back together before testing you need to open it again yeah ?

    I would be checking those two plugs maybe just not sitting flat
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    I'll check those 2 cords thank you
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    the 2 cords were plugged in correctly, anyone have any other guesses I could try? Thanks!
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    can you remove the Blade SSD and just leave the normal SSD sata one connected ? 1 by 1 see if the drives are giving any interference.

    do the lines come up right away ?
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    here is a pic of what my screen looks like



    yeah the lines come on the second my computer begins to boot. Im guessing video card cord?
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    gee that sucks, hopefully no pins or damage on those two monitor cables :/

    how much of it did you pull apart is there any earth points on the motherboard that weren't hooked back up ?

    has the gpu come loose ?
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    it's not.
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    Put it back as it was and take it into Apple anyway.

    They probably won't notice anything is different as I doubt think geniuses looks at glue formations.
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    Oh dear. Not what you want to see.

    I know you've checked the cables but make sure you double, triple, quadruple check that video cable. It's the wider of the two and it has quite a fiddly lever lock. Swing the lever arm up, take the cable out and ENSURE there is no dirt in there or on the cable connector itself. Also check that the cable's contact strips haven't become damaged or creased by forcing it into the socket (which is a common cock up).

    Other than the video cable, I'm not sure what to suggest. :(

    Did you remove the adhesive tape by the way?
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    Good attitude, pull something apart voiding the warranty, break it, then put it all back together and act like you did nothing wrong while asking for a replacement.
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    I did remove the adhesive tape. I will check the wider cable again. Thanks!
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    Looks like the LVDS cable is not inserted properly or possibly damaged. Make sure the cable is sitted correctly on the back of the lcd and the logic board.
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    Double checked, cable is seating correctly, problem continues. No way that the ssd blade install is causing this is there?


    Is there anywhere I can order a lads cable replacement? Could the cable get damaged that quickly?
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    Unfortunately, its unlikely to be a physical connection issue given you are getting some recognizable image. That sort of pattern, made up of good and bad portions of the image, is typically a problem with video buffering or paging memory. You may want to ensure your video card (does it have discrete gpu?) is seated firmly.

    Even though the image is striped, can you see mouse movement? Does the system respond to the keyboard? That would be another indicator its internal to the video processing logic.
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    its either the display cable or the display itself. guess is since you opened it up it the pins on the LVDS cable either got stripped, bent or damaged in some form. also you have to ensure theyre pushed into the slot properly and fit and not even slightly outof position.

    lcd could be damaged either through physical damage or electrostatic damage.
    make sure the cable is secure on both ends - the display itself and into the logic board.

    ensure all cables are secured in their slots.
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    Maybe try and plug in an external monitor, to rule out everything but the display.
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    You'll need to disassemble it again and check all the ribbon cables are seated properly.
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    Good idea. It could determine if its the display vs logic board/video card.


    This seems plausible. I would imagine if the connection was bad it would be an all or non thing or color issues.
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    Worst case scenario you have short something did you use ESD protection?Put the computer back to normal and take it to apple and if you are lucky they will not see that you opened it.
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    any updates ?

    have you got it powered up while monitor is sitting off the chassis on a towel in front of unit,

    and while powered up, give the cables a slight move and see if this has any effect on the image.

    to test the cable it;'s self for a break and connectors. at logic board end and lcd end.

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