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Installing the OS to a new hard drive.

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by nospleen, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I just added a new hard drive to my mac. I would like to make it my default hard drive. How would I install the OS to the new drive and how would I delete it from the old?
    I did a search, so no flames please....
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    Well if I were in this situation, I would mirror the internal to the external, reboot to the external disk, and delete the contents of the internal. Then move what you want back.

    To mirror, the best utility is CarbonCopyCloner. It preserves invisible files/directories and doesn't screw with ownerships like root copying can. If you want an automated backup, since you have two drives now (never hurts to have a backup of your user folder), Deja Vu is nice software...

    To boot from the external, change the startup disk in System Preferences.

    [edit]: if you need clarification on anything, don't be afraid to ask, no flames :)

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    I am using carbon copy cloner right now. I went to sys pref to check out what you said about switching where the mac boots from. All it shows is mac os 10.2.6 and network. After the the cloning is finished, will the other hard drive appear there too?
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    Okay, I rebooted from the new drive and it was flawless. Thank you for your help. but your work is not yet complete.:D I had the new drive as a slave and I had it in the ATA 66 bay. I want to switch it to the ATA 100 bay because it will be faster. Do I need to now make it the master? If I do make it the master but my system prefs say to boot the the new drive, but I move it and it is no longer a slave, what the heck happens? I think I just confused myself.:eek:

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