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Installing UT in OS X?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Draft, Aug 25, 2002.

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    I am now 100% free of OS 9 (maybe). So, when I changed from 10.1.5 to 10.2, I did a clean install and now I need to re-install UT. Can I do this just in OS X?


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    Make a copy of the UT for Mac OS 9...just in case. Download the preview files and copy them to the new UT for Mac OS X folder. You'll probably want to compare the original .ini files with the new ones so you will have your tournament stats, preferences, etc.
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    There's no way to install it in 10 though?

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    i've got UT for OS 9, i thought that a X version wasn't out yet? can i use my copy of UT in OS X?

    that would be awesome!!!!:D :D
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    Go to www.versiontracker.com and click on the Mac OSX tab near the top of the window. Now do a search in the search entry field in the top left for "Unreal". You will come across the beta Mac OSX Unreal application. I'm running it on 10.2 with a new dual/gig with a slow G4MX and getting 70 - 80 FPS averages at 1280x1024 with 32bit and high textures. Awesome stuff
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    I think you should be able to use UT in both OS 9 and in OS 10.2.

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    Yes that's it. Sorry I didn't give a link at the time something was happening and I couldn't. Any way this beta works great for me with only the occasional graphic render problem with my GF4MX. It hasn't crashed on me though even while burning a cd in the background.
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    I know that I can USE UT under OS X. My question is if I can INSTALL it under OS X? I had it running under 10.1.5, but then I switched over to 10.2 and did a clean install. I no longer have 9 installed on my drive, because I never use it. So, can I INSTALL UT in OS 10.2?

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    You will need classic or OS9 to use the Unreal installer. Otherwise all you need to do is copy the Unreal game folder to wherever you want it and put the beta app in it.
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    i had intended to buy ut before i made my machine osx only, but failed to do so. draft, does the UT disk have all of the files somewhere on it (like in an "installer data" folder, or maybe a hidden folder with the files) or is it just the os9 installer app? if macsoft was smart, they stored the files seperately and just had a small installer app that copied them to the hard drive, but there are lots of stupid people out there, and if they embedded the files into an os9 installer, than there's no hope.

    check the disk for something like an "installer data" folder, or use the terminal to switch to the cd and do a "ls -a" (i believe there is also a program called Kilometre browser on vt that will show invisible files). i really dont want to have to borrow my friend's 8500 just to install a game.

    edit: i just read on insidemacgames.com that epic is porting UT2003 to the mac. now, if only my rage128 can support it...

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