Integration with Airport Express?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by pdpfilms, Mar 25, 2007.

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    So I'm loving my :apple:TV. It's really the needed bridge from Mac to Television, as far as movies and TV shows go.

    But what about the music? While it provides a pretty display and good sound quality, it renders all my Airport Express units worthless. I was extremely surprised to not see an "AppleTV" option in the speakers menu of iTunes... All my Airport Express units remain listed, but the :apple:TV is the ugly duckling, missing from the group. What does this mean for you and me? The :apple:TV is not possible to add into a multiple speaker group. I can set every stereo to be playing the same thing except for my main theatre set. This seems like a huge slip-up from Apple.... It seems all too logical to include that option.

    I'm realllly hoping for a quick firmware upgrade, to allow this. Anyone found any temporary fixes (besides buying another Airport Express and placing it directly adjacent to the :apple:TV)??
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    Well, you could use auNetSend and auNetReceive, part of the Developers Tools (available from Apple's developer's section) -- setup auNetReceive on the :apple: tv to constantly listen for a stream (auNetSend transmits via Apple's Bonjour) being sent from any Mac on your local network. Using the two AudioUnits you can effectively duplicate the function of an AirPort express unit, e.g., link most any audio source on one Mac to another Mac's sound output/speakers on a network. But of course in the case of :apple: tv you'd have to crack open the box, install SSHD and then muck around via SSH to install everything. But I don't know if 'all that rot' appeals to you or not. :)
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    Well at least there's a solution.... Not exactly user friendly, though. I'm just surprised that Apple overlooked this sort of integration that is typifies their products.
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    I guess Apple planned all the "action" would take place from the :apple:tv end, as far as play selection/playback goes, rather than at a Mac on the network(?)

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