Intel attempts to revolutionize the notebook with "Florence...

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 18, 2004.

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    "Intel has designed three models: one for the "on the go" road warrior, another for the virtual office, and a third for the digital home. All anticipate the resurgence of the consumer notebook sector by 2005, when consumer notebooks are expected to rank second in overall retail growth, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

    Each notebook contains certain basic capabilities, including a detachable LCD that may or may not double as an LCD monitor or touchpad; enhanced user authentication that supports the Trusted Platform Module 1.2 specification, also tied to Microsoft's "Longhorn" OS; and Extended Mobile Access, a small LCD display built into the notebook chassis.

    The EMA display is large enough for about four or five lines of text, enough for the notebook to display upcoming Outlook appointments or the title and track of an audio CD or MP3 file. The idea is to allow a user access to his or her most vital information without having to power up the notebook, according to Intel.

    In addition, certain Florence models are designed to include array microphones for improved audio fidelity when communicating over the built-in VOIP phone. The Digital Home model also includes DVD functionality which can be controlled by the integrated remote. Interestingly, one of Intel's uses for the Florence Digital Home model is a wireless television station, a concept that Sharp Electronics launched at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas."

    I dig it. Too bad it runs windows :)

    - Doc
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    Doesn't have to run windowz...
    it could run Linux. ;)
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    dr. T - they apparently won't let outside linking happen (I tried to fix yours, with no luck.)

    Here's the image...

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    that's kind of nice. I'd like to see more pics.
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    Damn that's a cool looking computer. Then the LCD doubles as a touchpad. Sweet.
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    Thanks man.. yeah.. thats a sweet setup..

    reminds me of a TAM.. or a next generation iPaq I'm impressed, especially that it ws built by intel and not a traditional cpu company like Sony or HP..

    - Doc
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    Yeah, that actually doesn't look too bad, but I can imagine what it will look like when you get some fingerprints on that keyboard or remote.
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    Wow, those guys at Intel are really onto something, a resurgence of the laptop... I wish Apple/Jobs would have predicted something like that... er, oh yeah, they did a year ago.

    Of course, unlike Intel, we've had the same laptop for about 10 years at the same speed for about 5 of those years (or so it seems). C'mon Apple.
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    Mr. Anderson

    It looks quite nice....but it looks more like a slim desktop than a laptop....

    quick google search brings up some interesting images....


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    That cant be the same computer.
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    Posers . . .

    They soooo wish they were as cool as Apple.
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    That's really slick, although that mouse/phone thing sucks. You though the N-Gage made you look like a fool talking into it! Imagine talking into your mouse instead of a taco!
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    I'd get one if it was around 2000 bucks. Will this make me switch back, only time will tell.
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    realy, realy nice
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    Its nice that you support a trollish site like ET that 's very anti-Mac. :confused:
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    I am very very impressed by the design of that machine, although I wonder how the screen will look with that large piece of plastic over it, possibly distorting things at certain angles. However I have some reservations. I just don't think it would make a good laptop, all those detachable parts would seem to me to make it less sturdy and durable. Looks like a fantastic next generation slim desktop concept though.
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    It doesn't look like it could really be operated from your lap with any ease, which kinda kills a lot of its usefulness as a "mobile" computer.
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    kinda cool

    If you look at the google picture, I'm impressed by the design.

    If I'm right it looks like you could set it up like that to be a desktop computer, and then swing the keyboard down, and angle the screen making what was the base the keyboard palm area...

    If that made any sense, you should be impressed.

    Lots of moving parts to break though.

    Too bad their current line, sucks... just now getting down to a decent full featured slim laptop... about time.
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    Trusted it comes :(.
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    it looks totaly impractical bulky and silly i dont wand external wireless crap that i can loose also all these screens and the different ways to use it there stupid all i want is a laptop that will stay in one piece wont break and dosent make me look stupid when i take it to school (my ibook dose all that)

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