Intel Haswell and 20 Hr battery life

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by hss1, Sep 2, 2012.

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    I have just been talking to a intel senior sales manager in the UK who has advised me that once intel launches Haswell chip to expect ultrabook s like the Macbook Air to have at least 20 hour battery life!!!

    He advised me intel have prototypes in the lab achieving this already as the processsors can consume up 20x less power than ivy bridge
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    Sounds about right, for a sales rep.
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    Mr. Retrofire

    The processor for the next MBA is a Dual Core processor. That means that 20h are unrealistic. A Quad Core processor is more energy efficient.
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    seems a bit farfetched.

    I've heard a lot of good things about haswell, a lot of them being around a 10-hour battery life for '12 MBAirs.

    However, one thing to keep in mind is the processor in a laptop is not the only thing that requires power. The logic board, USB-powered devices, SSD's etc will all require the same amount of power.
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    Oooops, it's the TRANSMETA claim all over again.
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    10 hours maybe without a "Retina" display. But 20 hours no I don't think so.
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    Wirelessly posted

    I still have a Fujitsu with a transmeta chip and it's sloooooooooow. Lol.
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    And it would be vintage Apple to keep the 5-7 hour battery life but with Retina Display on the Air.
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    20 hours wirh an ARM chip maybe, but no way an x86 derivative ever gets that.
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    Years of experience buying Mac & Windows laptops each time a new CPU comes out, have proven the highly optimistic claims of more speed & battery life usually don't materialize for the end user. Small improvements, but rarely anything like they claim.
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    The problem is, no manufacturers care about letting you use a laptop / ultrabook for 12+ hours, they want you to have a lighter/thinner machine.

    My estimation is, while current batteries "may" be able to pull 20 hours of use with a new Haswell chip, Apple, ASUS etc will just make laptops with smaller batteries, maybe throw in dedicated graphics or ramp up storage (2 SSDs or something) so sadly, the new haswell chips will probably still give us 5-7 hours of usage, but with a bit more under the hood to work with.
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    Just keep the MacBook pro 13inch the same size add the sharp IGZO display, take away the disc drive add a fuller batter taking the whole space without the disc drive and I can totally see 10 plus hours easily.
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    Simply impossible. Probably up to 12 hours, but never 20.
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    it is too good to be true. actually, controlling CPU to save more battery life is limited. it is all depending on physically how much battery has capacity to give a long life. 20 hours? NO. even cellphone, tablet, which are much longer than laptop, can only be closed to 10 hours (actually it's less than 10 hours). if we expect 20 hours, it will happen 5-10 years later barely.
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    What? Perhaps I'm struggling to understand what you're saying due to the broken english, but are you suggesting that cell phones and tablets cannot get 20 hrs of battery? Depending on usage, my cell phone can go a few days (and it's an overclocked Galaxy S2 with a giant battery sapping screen). I have tablets that can do 10 hours pretty easily too (nook color with CyanogenMod).
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    Orange Furball


    This isn't normal, usually I get 21-22 hours, but its more than 10 still.

    Please do research before giving out false information.
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    I get 18+ hours with 2010 C2D/Coolbook combo... see attached...

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    BS. Any mac says that the instant you wake it from a full charge... Give it five minutes.

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