Intel iBook (MacBook) Arriving in May? and 17'' MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Apr 7, 2006.

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    ThinkSecret claims that Apple has begun manufacturing the new "MacBook" (Intel iBook) which should be available in the next 30-60 days.

    According to the rumor site, the newest version of the iBook will indeed be rebranded as a "MacBook" and will come with a 13.3" widescreen display with 1280x720 resolution.

    The upcoming MacBook is said to share internal components with the recently released Mac mini which comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo configurations. The new MacBook will therefore replace both the current 12" and 14" iBooks as well as the 12" PowerBook G4. This corroborates a similar report that new iBooks were in production to be delivered by June. The iBook was last updated in July 2005.

    Meanwhile, a 17" MacBook Pro with brighter display is also in the works and should arrive around the same time. The 17" MacBook Pro is said to be otherwise similar to the current 15" MacBook Pro.
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    1280x720 (16:9) is an odd resolution for Apple who prefers to use 16:10. I thought they'd go for 1280x800.
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    a bit OT, but I wonder if we'll see a mid-cycle upgrade to the 5G iPod at the same time, i.e. 60GB --> 80GB...
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    It would be cool if these were available in black or white, like the iPods are now.
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    I guess it's about time that the screens were upgraded and such... but I really do prefer for it to be smaller and even more portable. :eek: Can't wait to see what they look like!
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    I think it is a bad idea to rename the ibook to MacBook. There is not enough difference between MacBook Pro. People will get confused. Plus, the name iBook is so well known now, to change it doesn't make any sense.
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    Should read "The 17" MacBook Pro is said to be otherwise similar to the current 15" MacBook Pro."
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    Since its a replacement for the iBook AND the powerbook, there should be multiple colors, or just only aluminium...
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    no dual display then? :/
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    Does the GMA950 not support dual display then? I thought it did.
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    I still don't get why it would be re-branded as "MacBook".

    The "i" was a consumer thing. iBook + iPod + iMac. Or should we expect a "MacPod" soon.

    Ugh, I'm going to miss the old name.
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    Another Reason to Buy a MacBook Pro

    So, I was trying to convince a friend to buy a MacBook Pro for college. And one of the benefits (as I explained to him) is that once he buys a MacBook Pro he can check MacRumors every hour to see when the next Macbook Pro is coming out.

    Lo and behold, I go to MacRumors and see a 5-minute old post about updated MacBook Pros (and MacBooks).

    So many reasons to buy one.
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    *waits for 10.5 first*

    Seriously, I bought iLife '06 and that's the most updating I'll do. I'll just wait for iLife '07 and 10.5 to come standard on whatever new Mac I pick. Still, the more revisions before then the better. Bring them out sooner!
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    30 - 60 days?!?!?!?! i need it NOW, my TiBook is really falling apart and can't afford the MBP.... :(
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    True, but allows native HD resolution (720p).
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    jus when i had made up my mind to stop waiting for the rumored macbook and go get a 12" pb....this is gonna drive me crazy again...:eek: dont know how long it'll continue..
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    This is sweet news! I really can't wait for the new CS suite to come out from adobe, so at least I will be able to run my old CS that I have for windows. I really hope Apple announces them soon, and has them on their website!
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    I also agree with the colors idea (black and white) like the iPods, as well as the MacBook name getting too confused with the MacBook Pro.

    I often find myself unintentionally dropping the "Pro" and just saying MacBook...which could definitly get confusing if the iBook becomes a MacBook. But who knows. What's the difference between saying an iPod nano is not simply an "iPod". MacBook may become synomous with culture like the iPod did, and when people go to purchace one, they see they have 3 choices: MacBook (iBook) and MacBook Pro (15", 17").

    With that said, I wonder if it will retain the same design?
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    this is great news. i hope they're released before my graduation (cuz im gettin one as my gift). I wonder how much they'll cost?
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    "said to share internal components"

    Integrated graphics? Ugh.
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    As long as there's a small Core Duo Mac laptop, I don't care whether it's conceptually aligned with the iBook/MacBook or PowerBook/MacBook Pro names.

    A decent GPU in a small Core Duo laptop would be especially welcome, though, along with lighted keys. As close to the power of the 15.4" as possible, given the smaller size. We'll see what we get!

    I'm sure the low-end iBook replacement will have integrated graphics--it's cheaper and it's all many low-end buyers need. It makes sense in the Mini and any other entry-level machine.
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    Graphics card better be there

    If 'sharing components with Mac Mini' means the MacBook will have Integrated Graphics, then Apple will be even more of a sellout then when they did it with the mini.

    Don't give the excuse that most people don't need a dedicated graphics card. That's the rationale Dell uses on its $400 POS computers. You all know deep down that it is a bad move. I'll bet Steve Jobs does also.
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    Wonder if it'll have firewire and an iSight.
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    One more thing, I would have named it the iBook HD. >_>

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