Intel iBook or PPC iBook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bill4588, Mar 2, 2006.

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    I've been planning on getting the new iBook that will be released in the coming months, but now I'm starting to re-think that. The new iBooks will most likely have bugs and various issues because they are 1st gen....but the current iBook G4's are solid notebooks. I would like this laptop to last a few years at least (for college). So do you think I'd be better off with a first gen Intel iBook or a current gen PPC iBook?
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    You use Adobe products a lot? Get a PPC.

    Don't? Wait for an Intel.
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    I have the PPC iBook that I use for schoolwork, web browsing, etc. I think its a good little machine, but it could be faster. Then again I only have 512 installed in it, and that's probably why its lags on things like iMovie. Take a look at the MacBook Pro, there are not really any widespread problems with them, so you can use this as a model for the new Intel iBooks. If you can, wait till the new iBooks come out and check out what they have.
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    thanks for the tips iGary and CoMpX. I'm only gonna use it for notes/papers, web browsing, downloading music, and AIM. I dont have any plans for photoshop or any video editing. I know for sure that a PPC iBook will do what i want but I'm curious if the Intel one would be better (i know it will be faster but will it have more issues?)
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    You always take a risk on a Revision A, but so far, the Intel ones seem to be pretty good.
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    The rumor goes something like this: "The iBook will be the most significantly redesigned Intel Mac."

    Of course, that's not so hard considering that all Intel Macs to date haven't changed at all. I'm hoping that the delay of the iBooks is precisely because of a redesign. Why else weren't they released alongside the Minis? Anyways, the Mini should give you a good indication of where the iBook is headed, spec-wise. A Core Solo with integrated graphics in the low end. A Duo with possibly a ATI x1600 in the higher end.

    Core Solo 1.5 ghz
    Intel GMA950 integrated graphics
    Combo drive
    13.3" LCD

    Core Duo 1.66 ghz
    Intel GMA950 integrated graphics
    13.3" LCD
    built-in iSight

    Core Duo 1.83 ghz
    ATI X1600
    13.3" LCD
    built-in iSight
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    If thats what your using the laptop for, you cant go wrong with either, but the intel will prob. be a better deal and faster.
    I think the new ibooks with intel will be your best bet. I might be investing in one just for kicks.
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    im really wanting the new ibooks....but im sure the PPC notebooks will drop in price once the new ones come out....i dont know what to do :(
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    I wouldn't rely <i>too</i> much on being able to get a cheap PPC when the Intels hit. Apple doesn't like having old and new versions of the same thing in inventory at the same time, and at least with the mini, they apparently got the timing pretty good to have the PPC ones gone right as the Intels come out.
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    Id wait until summer to buy one anyway, with all the student union stuff that usually goes on(might beable to pick yourself up a cheap iPod and save a little more on the iBook at the same time). By then intel iBooks should hopefully be out. Im going to college in September and am planning on waiting for a high end intel iBook(hopefully with a dedicated graphics chip). I do primarily what you do, with the exception of a little photoshop, illustrator, Quark, nothing big though so it should run fine in rosetta, until I can get my hands on CS3 and a Quark ub. Play a few games, but not much on a laptop, I'll prolly load one on to kill time between classes. The G4 ibook would prolly be fine, but I want to keep the laptop through at least 4 years of college so Im thinking Ill wait for the intel.
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    Intel ibook/mac mini....PPC is gone(don't care what anyone says)

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    As some others have said prepare for a disappointment when the intel ibooks do arrive on the 1st of April. If the minis are any indication to get the 999 price it is going to be core solo, integrated intel graphics.

    Why pass up the current ppc, dedicated graphics card from a 799 price (Amazon sometimes or Refurb)?
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    Much better off with Intel iBook. It will be a lot faster and last you longer. Even first generation Macs are reliable. Sure, there might be a few more issues, but a lot of people still enjoy them without problems for years.
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    I hope you're right, but I'm prepared for the big letdown. If the new iBook isn't a new form factor (with two buttons) I'll be putting OS X on a Toshiba U105 with Maxxus' latest hack :cool:
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    Well, what I would do if I were you is this...wait until the Intel iBooks come out and see if they have intel integrated graphics. If they do, then pick up a PPC iBook, if they have a dedicated card then get one of the new Intel books. I think it would make you happier longer. For me to be happy, its got to play at least a few light weight games.

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