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Intel iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Spies, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hello everyone.

    I've been searching for information on the Intel iBook's on Google and found an article on thereg about the Intel iBook's being cheaper and that it was going to be announced at the Macworld Expo last month. Did this happen? Were any specification's revealed? When can we expect to see the Intel iBook's available to buy?

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    mad jew

    Well, the Intel processor has yet to be crammed into an iBook (or equivalent) and nothing official has been said by Apple on the matter. :(

    Put me down for one of the first though. Just tell me where to sign. :p
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    There are threads stating Intel iBooks are likely to be introduced sometime in April and they are expected to have a change to the previous design. How accurate this proves to be remains to be seen ... April is close enough so the wait should not be unbearable.
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    New Intel iBook next Tuesday ;)

    But seriously I think we will see a new iBook (MacBook?) in April, it seems like the most likely time to release it.
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    next tuuesday might not be a silly guess

    when's that billion song coming up ? event ?
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    It could also be in June, just in time for WWDC, if Apple puts in a Core Duo.
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    So would this point to the new iBook being cheaper than the existing one?

    As the article in the reg states "They also suggest Apple will significantly lower prices in a bid to win more buyers from the Windows world as the Mac Mini did on the desktop."

    Which makes sense, they've certainly sparked my interest that's for sure.
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    mad jew


    Maybe they won't be coming with screens then. :(
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    Very funny :p

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