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Intel iBook

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by MacMosher, Mar 10, 2006.

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    Im currently in the market for a lowend laptop. I was just wondering if there is any speculation as to when Apple plans to release the new intel iBook. I know that there was speculation that it would be released at the last conference in which the intel mini was released.

    How often does Apple have these conferences and when can I expect them to have another one? Would you expect the intel iBook to be released at the next one?

    As well what are the predicted specs on the new model. I seen the news about magnets and what not which I find very interesting.

    Im assuming I should hold off and wait for the intel iBook and not buy a G4.

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    Definitely hold off unless you are in a huge rush for one. Sometimes Apple doesn't wait for major events in order to release a new product - they have been known many times to have "silent updates", especially on Tuesdays. ;) I would predict an Intel iBook will be released in the next month, but of course my guess is as good as yours. ;) :cool:
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    Yeah.. Im not in a huge rush. But it seems like Ive been waiting for ages :p
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    I agree with Shard, hold off if you can. It shouldn't be too long. I'd wait anyway.

    My friend is in a similar situation but doesn't like the sound of the iBook (future MacBook?) only being 13.3" and more expensive. She loves the 12" iBook and just has enough money to get it, but wonders whether to wait until the new iBook machine is released to get it cheaper, or will it be too late and the old PPC iBook will disappear as soon as the Intel version comes out?! So in her case it's probably best to get the 12" right now.

    If you have a bit more money just incase the current rumours about the new Intel iBook/MacBook are true (13.3" etc) then wait, as 13.3" model will probably be more expensive than the current 12" PPC model. Being rumours there's no garentee the iBook will become like this.

    But personally, I'd still wait no matter what.
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    Yeah Im pretty much on the same boat. I figure if they are significantly higher priced then the 12" iBook G4's they are replacing Ill probably just go and get a used powerbook G4.

    But it would be a shame that I waited all this time for these iBooks if they are signifcantly higher priced.

    Was there any reason that they chose (speculation) to go for 13.3 and not the previous 12... smaller is better for me.
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    Obviously no one knows how much they will be priced at, but could take an educated guess at somewhere inbetween the 12" and 14" iBooks, perhaps nearer to the 14". I'd imagine worst case it shouldn't be THAT MUCH more than a current 14", just depends on what the spec is.

    Your guess is as good as mine. Could be loads of reasons. Get the iBook away from the PowerBook (Sorry, MacBook Pro). Reaffirm the market aiming/job positioning of its products to stop conflicts (again, between iBooks/MacBook Pros/PowerBooks). It's a total redesign, something perhaps the iBook series type machines are in a need for.

    Hehe...I know how you feel! I felt like I was waiting for my PowerBook for ages!! Spnt ages waiting for Tiger to come out and then waiting to see if any newer spec'd 12" PBs came out. Seem to get it right, waiting was the perfect turnout for me, any later and I may as well have camped out for the year waiting for the MacBook Pro! hehe!
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    I wondered about that too.:confused:
    13.3 dose sound cooler, and since the iPod is so popular, Apple is all about sound.
    If you toss it in the dryer for about 45 minutes, it should shrink down about 1.3 inches.
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    Yeah thats what Im thinking. I guess all we can do is wait and see (hopefully not that much longer).
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    Looks like pretty much all my answers have been provided now on the main page :)
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    Pple predict the same specs as the new mini has (hope they put in a real graphics card in it:mad: )

    As for 12 inch vs 13.3, I would personally like 13.3, because I love widescreen monitors - so convinient! :)
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    By all means the 13.3" form factor has been rumored for at least a year now, so its a relativitly safe bet.
    Keep in mind however, that a bigger lcd doesn't mean a bigger computer.
    I suspect a 13" macbook would be a tad wider yet a tad shorter than the current ibook 12".
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    hopefully they will have one with core duo.
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    If the Intel Mac mini is anything to go by your wish could very much come true. Obviously I doubt it would be a high powered Core Duo, due to the MacBook Pro, but quite possibly very similar spec to the mac mini.
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    And probably thinner as well.

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