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Intel link will offer Apple Windows of opportunity

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 19, 2006.

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    Screw M$

    i have to say, microsoft would be delighted to have thier software running on the beautiful mac machines, they have been stuck on crappy dell/compaq boxes for soooo long. I just dont want any goddang windoze viruses bugging up my flawless mac, if they can get the security of the mac os running under windoze then it might be a decent thing to try, but from what i understand, the first wave of virueses was already released for Vista, that is, until they scrapped the project :D itll be interesting to see what comes along here
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    Quite honestly the Trojan horse that is Windows on Mac needs to be accomplished ASAP. Honestly the number of people waiting on this one point is downright astonishing. I had two more people at work today come up to me asking about these new Macs with Intels and if you can really run Windows on it. In total so far I've had about 6 people in office and about 4 or 5 relatives ask me about this. The buzz is beginning but if they can't run their apps and games they already own many are going to go somewhere else. Apple really needs to either get an in-house solution for running Windows or pay someone to get it up and running. They have a major opportunity for an insane # of sales. We are talking a period between now and Spring of next year when I expect SP1 for Vista will be shipping. Once the initial bugginess of Vista starts to shake out, like it did with OS 10.1, I expect Vista will become a pretty popular OS. At that point Apple better be damn close to double digit market share because at that point all bets are off.
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    Microsoft doesn't give a rats *** about what hardware their OS runs on as long as they make a fracking OS sale. Put it on a fracking toaster for all they care as long as the OEM pays up.
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    MacBook Pro Name

    Anybody ever done marketing, taken a marketing class, or even read a marketing book? If so, you will understand why Apple cannot go back to the Powerbook name (even if they add "Pro" to the end of it). The decision of naming the new laptop MacBook Pro has been made, so please live with it.

    I don't like it either, but complaining over and over really isn't going to do anything at all.

    So "join the revolution" and accept the new name.

    Sorry if this post is out of place, just read another signature with a complaint in it, so this had to be said.
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    Ive said it before and I'll say it again:

    Allowing users to run Windows on a Mac is going to be a win-win situation for Apple. Take any "switchers" story and think about it for a sec.

    or just take my exmaple...I had/have three windows machines and was upset at how difficult it was for people in my household to do basic tasks...(photo management, print a flyer (I love pages), do email, contacts, calendar, etc.)

    However, as I used OS X more and more, my usage of my other windows machines slowly declined. Finally, the only time I used windows was through Remote desktop (which is actually quite wonderful) but transferring files always ended up as a headache...

    Its just so simple...you get sucked into OS X out of the amazing simplicity, functionality and stability...Apple should embrace this move as a way to suck users right into their hands...
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    Watch a little Battlestar Galactica recently???
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    Originally Posted by SiliconAddict
    Microsoft doesn't give a rats *** about what hardware their OS runs on as long as they make a fracking OS sale. Put it on a fracking toaster for all they care as long as the OEM pays up.

    That is the funniest thing I've read this year.
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    i did like powerbook i hate macbook. but your right about marketing. They should call it the XBook Pro. X for x86, and book for obvious reasons.
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    Ugh, no. If anything, this is a typical win-lose situation. The Mac has great software because Mac users insist upon it. If software companies port Windows applications and their crappy user interfaces, Mac users usually jump on them for their crappy design and this threat of bad word-of-mouth makes companies either do a proper port, or leave it to the indie Mac developers to create a proper software application dedicated for the Mac.

    If Apple were to officially ship or endorse running Windows applications on the Mac, software companies would just say, "Hey look, our Windows application will already run on the Mac! Go use that! There's no need for us to create a port of our software for the Mac!" And just like that, the Mac will get stuck with a bunch of crappy software and companies unwilling to port their software to the Mac, which will lead to an overall decrease in the quality of software on the Mac.

    In contrast, if Apple leaves it to open-source community to come up with a solution, or to Microsoft to create a working copy of Virtual PC on the new Intel Macs (ha, how long will THAT take them, when they took a year to get it running on the G5), it can refuse to support running Windows on the Mac, and keep the incentive for companies to do a real port of their Windows applications instead of telling everybody to run the Windows version. And users will still benefit from being able to run Windows software on the Mac because they'll have VPC or whatever solution the open-source community comes up with.

    But Apple officially supporting running Windows applications on the Mac? I sure hope not. I think that would be a gross miscalculation on Apple's part.
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    Its better then the alternative which would get my post deleted. :D
    And yes. Yes I have.
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    simX nailed it, to run windows or windows apps directly on a Mactel is no direct benefit to apple, nor will it create any business sales (which are 85% OF Dell's sales and they are only looking for cheap hardware). Short term, Apple succeeds when it sells Apple hardware with Mac software. Running the darkside software is up to third party. Apple can succeed by licensing its OS to corporate users wanting to get away from the MS plantation but with thousands of perfectly usefull intel boxes and in need of specialized software.

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