Intel moves mobile 'Merom' back to Q4

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Feb 9, 2006.

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    Link: Intel moves mobile 'Merom' back to Q4
    Description:: Intel's next-generation architecture-based 'Merom' notebook processor will not ship until Q4, leaked roadmap documentation suggests, lending weight to recent claims that 'Santa Rosa', the next generation of the chip maker's Centrino platform, will not debut until March 2007.

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    Interesting, I wonder how this will affect Apple's plans. So what does this mean for Conroe and Woodcrest? Still on track for Q3, even though they are based off Merom? I wonder if Jobs is going to have egg on his face by saying "all Macs will be Intel by the end of 2006" now - I don't know how/if Merom figured into his plans. Or, perhaps it doesn't affect things at all, as Apple wasn't planning on putting Merom into their machines until 2007 anyway... who knows...
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    I'm sure that everyone will be thrilled if Steve has to break ANOTHER processor promise. :rolleyes:

    Seriously, this is like Murphy's Law that when you switch to a faster lane, it will immediately slow down and the lane you just got out of will speed up! Seen the opening of Office Space?
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    I think the bitter taste of the whole "3 GHz" thing still resides in some people's mouths. ;)
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    Every time I see it, it still makes me laugh :D

    PC load letter?

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    Wasn't timing another issue Jobs wanted to switch to Intel? As in, PowerPC wasn't able to release chips fast enough nor with enough power per watt - effeciency, etc?

    Perhaps this is always an issue with chip manufacturers, but I could have sworn I recalled hearing that at the last keynote or some interview online.
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    We cannot deny...Murphy's Law has its best example in the relationships between Apple and any chipmaker...roadmaps are ALWAYS pushed back...or cancelled altogether...

    Funnily this might have a good consequence for ol' Apple fans...destroy Intel's dominance, hehehe...and then move AMD out of business when Apple starts using Athlon/Opteron processors...perhaps it's time for Apple to create its own Fishkill facility...karma anyone? ;)
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    Hey the IBM processor roadmap is starting to look pretty good again ...
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    Yeah, in a way, it's not a surprise. Conversely, what was a surprise to me was the fact that Intel indicated they were ahead of schedule in the first place. I realize this was the case with Yonah, but I definitely was taking Jobs's promise with a grain of salt. I still wouldn't be suprrised to see the transition completed in early 2007 as opposed to the end of 2006, but we'll see. It'll basically come down to when the Conroe PowerMacs come out. :cool:
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    Yeah, hurry, let's switch back! :D
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    Except that Apple can't put roadmaps into their computers. ;)
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    What promise would that be? There are no reported delays for the new desktop chips, and the mobile parts Apple will need within the next several months are likely the Core Solo chips. It's being noted by more reliable publications than the Register that the Merom introduction may be held back for marketing, rather than technical, reasons.
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    *kisses his yet to be delivered MacBook* :cool:
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    Please reference the promise. He released substantially faster laptops. Released iMac that are somewhat faster assuming you have UB progs and is prob well on the way to releasing dual CPU Dual core Conroe PowerMacs sometime this fall. Yah Apple has really dropped the ball on this one. Consider that everyone else in the PC market is now in the same boat as Apple. Where is the loss here?
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    Moved BACK? This is GREAT news in my book... I want a Conroe Power Mac!

    The only info I could ever find before today was:

    * Merom (the new 64-bit platform) was expected "second half of 2006" (Q3 or Q4--NO promises of earlier anywhere that I have found)

    * Conroe was expected to FOLLOW Merom as I understood it. (By how long? I could never tell. Hopefully not long because I want a Conroe Mac.)

    Now this article (if true) improves the timetable:

    * Merom went from "Q3 or Q4" to just "Q4." That's too bad, but it's not "moving back." And it means Core Duo Macs will sell nicely. People won't hold out for Merom "just out of reach" all year.

    * And Conroe is supposedly now going to be out in Q3!!! No longer after Merom, but BEFORE Merom? Really? Am I dreaming?

    This makes me definitely lean away from a MacBook and towards saving for a quad-Conroe tower. (Ah, but wait until I see the other MacBook models :eek: )

    This isn't backtracking by Apple OR Intel as near as I can tell. It's keeping Merom where it was and moving Conroe earlier.

    Am I crazy? Did I miss something?
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    No, I was thinking along the same lines as well. I was always planning on not seeing these machines until Q4/06 or Q1/07, so this seems more like an update for Conroe than anything. ;) Now Conroe will be early (Q3) and Merom will be around the same time I initially thought it would be (Q4). The only thing that threw me for a loop was back when Intel said they were ahead of schedule - I think this perhaps gave some people false expectations on what was coming and when.

    It all sounds good to me! :cool:
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    speaking of which the G5 just hit 3GHz with the 970GX and MP, the GX could of shipped in a powerbook at 1.8/2GHz easy.
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    Interesting that they made it at last :)

    But would the GX have provided dual cores in a PowerBook? And would anything come along after it to truly challenge Merom?

    Remember that native app tests show a Core Solo to be almost as fast as a G5, and then you have duals making the Core Duo generally faster than a G5.

    Still good to see the G5 progressing, however slowly. PowerMacs may get one more G5 revision after all.
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    Im with ya. I was tempted to wait for Merom, but thats an oh so dangerous trap to fall into.
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    Wow, only 3 years late, I'm so impressed IBM. :rolleyes:
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    Seeing that a lowly mobile processor can beat the best IBM hs to offer in real world applications, not so much.
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    But, at least he's in the same boat as everyone else.
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    Really? When did that happen? What have I missed?
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    Various tests that make Core Duo look REALLY good--with native apps. Core Solo in general isn't as fast as a G5, but it's in the same general league. Now use TWO of those cores, and real world performance may not double but it gets really good:

    And there have been other tests too.

    One thing to remember: the Core Duo is often faster for running ONE app... but then run TWO apps and you see even more benefit of two cores. Benchmarks often forget that.

    Now you could say it's not fair to pit a dual-core iMac against a single-core G5. But people compare that because it's the same model at the same price.

    IBM's BEST is dual core of course.
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    The original source of this information is the Japanese website PC Watch (badly translated here).

    If I am not mistaken, PC Watch originally broke the story on Merom, which would seem to speak for their reliability. Anyone care to comment?

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