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Intel, not the 970, is next

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by yzedf, Mar 22, 2003.

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    Apple is going to switch to an Intel based architecture according to this guy:


    Any thoughts?
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    I don't think this means anything. I would speculate, but Steve has taught me not to. Whatever Apple decides for it's next chip, I don't really care. It just better be FAST.

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    Re: Intel, not the 970, is next

    Bullsh*t. Pixar used Intels because Intels are better for the task (a >1000 processor render farm. They don't need easy setup, big disks, or any of the XServe's other cool features. They just want the biggest bang for their buck, in the smallest amount of space). This guy is constantly predicting Apple's going to die, for one reason or another (he predicted the mouse would be a failure, for example).
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    Re: Intel, not the 970, is next

    Best 970 confirmation I've seen yet.
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    Ok this article has been done 4 times now....jeez....anywho, I wouldn't take ANYTHING that Dvorak writes literaly...
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    Doubtful, especially the Itanium crap. That thing runs hot, won't go into a laptop, and will be extremely expensive. It also would not be compatible with PCs and the cost of putting a Moto chip and an Itanium would raise prices on every machine.

    Also, Apple is committed to laptops, and the Itanium, as said, won't go into one. Dvorak just wants Apple to die off and knows Itanium would kill it off. He and other Wintel sychophants know IBM makes superior chips and they're scared what Apple could do with X, allied with IBM. The 970 is the best solution. It's efficient with power and amazingly powerful for how little juice it uses.
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