Intel On Track To Deliver Penryn, Nehalem

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 18, 2007.

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    Today at the Intel Developer Forum, Intel CEO Paul Otellini affirmed that Intel's Penryn and Nehalem family of processors are on track for their releases this year and next year, respectively.

    Penryn will start shipping in November of this year, and it is expected that Apple will use the variants in its products.

    Meanwhile, Otellini also previewed Intel's upcoming new Nehalem architecture.

    One of Nehalem's advancements will be the use of the QuickPath Interconnect system architecture, which includes an integrated memory controller and improved communication links between system components to significantly improve overall system performance. An advanced version of hyperthreading will also make a comeback in Nehalem.

    While Nehalem will begin on 45nm technology in late-summer 2008, Intel plans to quickly move to 32nm production in 2009. DailyTech notes that Mac OS X successfully boots on Nehalem.

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    all sounds really good... :)
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    thanks for the update! :)
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    One step closer to my iMac Quad.
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    32nM?!?! All I can say is "Wow!" That is amazing.

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    I can't wait to see what these are going in. I'm in the market for a dual 2.0 G5. New machines can't come sooner!
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    I wonder how the QuickPath Interconnect will effect motherboard compatibility.
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    oh god not hyperthreading again, tried and faild technology
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    would these find its way into macbook pros by the end of the year? would it be worth it to wait or buy a macbook pro now?
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    1 step closer to 1nm
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    Clive At Five

    32nm is pretty amazing. Think about it... it's less than a tenth of the length of the shortest wavelength of visible light... So basically, humans are producing objects well beyond our ability of sight.

    Someone should take an electron microscope to these 32nm grooves... I'd like to see them close-up.

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    I'm hoping they've learned their P4 lesson and got it right this time.

    Arguably, the Centrino and Core Duo/Core2Duo CPUs have been truly excellent architectures, so clearly someone at Intel is getting it right. I just hope the new ones are being architected by the same crew.

    Time will tell; it always does. -- The Seventh Doctor
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    Nitpicking, but Centrino isn't a processor.
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    Centrino = Core 2 Duo (Merom) + GM/PM965 + Intel Wireless

    Hopefully hyperthreading is a bit more intelligent this time around.
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    Centrino is nothing more than a marketing scheme. It just means intel stuff inside a laptop.
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    Meanwhile AMD improves the mainstream segment by announcing tri-core processors.
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    Still waiting...
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    Yes, I understand that. I was simply being general in that statement, since there are also various revisions in play on that platform, and I wasn't trying to get dragged down into pointless detail.

    Nevertheless, I'm still hoping for the best.

    And as far as AMD goes, well... they backed a losing horse in their processor road map, and Intel skunked them. It's too bad, really, but while AMD may be down, they're certainly not out, which is a good thing because it promotes competition, and that's a healthy thing for the x86-using Mac platform out there.
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    So, how do three people find this negative?
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    I'm getting excited...its not like I'm going to buy a desktop, but trying new computers in the Apple Store is just my cup of tea :)
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    But now AMD is not against MCM anymore and is ready for octo-core Montreal in 2008, based on Shanghai.
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    k2k koos

    That is indeed very impressive, and I would love to see one of these through an electron microscope, marvels of technology.:apple:
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    It's quite amazing how fast these processors are these days. Just imagine 10, 15 years in to the future.
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    Do I wait for these new processors or do I buy my new mac pro now?

    Bearing in mind my current 4yr old G4 has died a sudden death! :(
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    Damn, so now my Mac Pro 2.66 will be even MORE obsolete lol...

    Sucks I couldn't just drop one of those new chipsets into my Mac Pro like the quad core processors and get an upgrade. Pretty cool stuff, just hoping Intel makes actual use of hyperthreading. I remember when I had a P4 3.0 GHrtz Intel Hyper-thread chip and I thought it was the coolest thing lol. The power of marketing...

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