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Intel Powerbook in January

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Trout74, Nov 30, 2005.

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    They could introduce it, maybe as a beta working prototype

    But I just don't imagine tha they will introduce the powerbooks until summer/fall and powermacs fall/winter

    I think the big intel announcement in January will just be a clarification that they are sticking to their roadmap and that the first intel mac will be available in Easter/Spring
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    If the big media is picking up on Mac rumors, then it is likely true the rumors will come to pass. I think we can expect Intel PowerBooks in January. I've been saying it doesn't make sense to release Intel iBooks before the PBs get their due. Makes absolutely no sense.

    Here's to the Crazy Ones [​IMG]
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    I think it is possible, but I feel that they will old out until WWDC for powerbooks and powermacs.

    I personally think that the ibooks, imac, macmini will be upgraded first making the powerbook g4 apple's slowest product.

    But I am always wrong...
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    it makes complete sense, due to application support. Many applications used by power users don't have universal binaries yet, but a large focus for iBook users are Apple applications, such as iWork, iLife, and standard OS X included applications.

    No, this is not saying iBook users exclusively use Apple apps, just iBook users in general have a different application profile than powerbook users.

    - Kelson

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    Which would be a good reason to update the Powerbook first, no? After all, who'd buy a Powerbook if they could buy a faster iBook? Answer: Nobody.
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    But if the Powerbook with the G4 can run sotware compiled for the PPC faster than the iBook can with Rosetta then of course people would still buy the powerbook just because it can run the programs they use better than the iBooks. IMO updating the iBooks first is a good option as it allows more time for the software used by Powerbook users to be compiled for x86 before Apple only sells x86 Powerbooks.
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    That's a fair point. It's a difficult call. Unless the iBook also just has a processor change (a la rumored first gen intel iMac) and stays with the same form factor (so pretty much unchanged to the average consumer) then I'd agree. But, considering the Powerbook won't have had a speed bump for almost a year come January,it will be screaming for a decent 'pro' update even more than it is now. Seeing new iBooks in a new case first, could be really annoying.

    Who nose for sure though, apart from Cupertino.
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    I dont think that the Powerbooks can go that much further with out a prosesser update. They were updated with 1.67Ghz prosesser last JANUARY. Apple doesnt want another Powermac situation and this time they can actually prevent it by getting the powerbooks intelitized (?)

    Edit: dang it AlBDamned bet me to my point
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    i think that the powerbook would be a much better upgrade. If they update the ibooks anymore, then they will be faster than the powerbooks! Why would someone get a non intel powerbook if the new ibooks are faster?? besides the whole "bugs of the new hardware" problem. Powerbooks would be a much better idea. I have had my powerbook for about 2 years, and the last major processor upgrade was a while ago as was mentioned. Just give us a new powerbook apple!
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    But there's still the fundemental stumbling block.

    IF powerbooks come out in January, how many proffesional applications are going to be ready for INTEL by then?

    ROSETTA may be able to allow Intel to emulate PPC, it's still not going to be anyway near as fast as native G4 or G5's.

    In which case the 15 - 20% speed boost you get with new processors is immediatley evaporated by software that isn't configured 100% yet.

    It took long enough for things like Quark to move to OSX from OS 9, so until most of the software is universal binary and able to run without ROSETTA, what's the rush for Mac Intel Powerbooks.
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    There is one thing that could swing this. What about the rumor that Apple wanted to be the first ones to use the dual-core Yonah chip? If a 1.4,6 or 8 Yonah chip was to be the first intel laptop chip that Apple used, then it would likely go in the Powerbook wouldn't it?

    Even with a 15-20% loss in speed using Rosetta, a 1.6 dual core would toast the 1.67 G4 in the Powerbooks.

    It would be true Apple to release a machine of this ilk, way before anyone expected it to be ready.

    God knows what faults it would have though ;)

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