Intel x25-m just failed all over my macbook pro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Eddyisgreat, May 29, 2009.

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    Was running fine. Up for about five days from last restart (sleep instead of shutdown). Purchased 2/1/09.
    Powered it down to do my weekly cleanings.
    Tried to power back up and was met with a hung system. Now the drive is not detected by the OS, TechTool 5, Drive Genius, hardware test, disk utility, nothing. Sys info shows an empty SATA bus.

    Latest firmware.

    I knew something was up FF hung my machine on shutdown yesterday. Should've picked up on it.
    Needless to say, i'm pissed. Why? Cause i'll have to crack open my early 2008 MBP to get this sucker out. Thankfully most of the time i'm on these boards its to offer advice, and I practice what I preach, though my backup scheme wasn't nearly as robust as I had hoped for OS failures. It took me about four hours to restore my May 20th backup.

    I believe this was an isolated issue. Smart status reported fine as I ran tests on the morning of May 28th. Nothing out of the ordinary except the hung system later that day.

    Still there are some other instances of this occuring to other users, which has me concerned:

    First hard drive in 18 years to fail before i've had a chance to deem it EOL.

    Early adopter FTL.
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    I'm guessing that X25 can't be more than a year old though, right? What's the warranty on it? As long as you have a backup, if you have a spare drive, you can restore, live with it until the warranty is processed, and then put in the new drive... right?

    Man, bummer to hear... I'm rockin' the 256GB TITAN SSD in my non-unibody MBP. I hope mine doesn't suffer the same fate!
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    My own x25-m was in use for roughly four months. I believe the manufacture date that was printed on the box itself was November 2008. From speedy boots to a non existant shell. This thing disappeared from my system without such a trace, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I were to open up my system and my disk drive was gone, because this thing was there one minute and quickly faded away.

    Anyway what I just did was take my latest image of my drive and restore it onto a new partition on one of my external drives, although I needed to create a whole new OS installation also (because disk utility was not cooperating with my images) .

    I'm not even going to replace the drive I did this with (my stock mbp drive) for the ssd. Booting up from USB works fine, as it should.

    I hate to deal with RMA now, especially since i'm moving across town next week, but such is life. Warranty is 3 years, so if I get more botched drives i'll be covered.
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    Sorry to hear about your failure; I had 2 SSDs fail in the first 3 days when I bought an SSD about a year and half ago. That kind of put me off from buying another SSD. I know people who bought one at the same time as I did the first time around and they've never had any issues so far. I just think I was unlucky and you were also. Hopefully your replacement will be problem free for years to come. So far my X25-M is working very well *knock on wood*.

    And it's a solid state disk, so you're hard disk drive record is still failure free. ;)
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    SMART will not give you much help with a SSD as it doesn't report the most needed info from the ssd.
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    Yeah thats true. I wonder what actually happened...nothing moved around/wasn't dropped or anything...I can't even zero write this puppy 7 times so my data could still be intact and intel will laugh at my images :(
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    Keep in mind that an SSD is basically a semiconductor (chips) as opposed to a hard drive. The normal failure mechanism for a semiconductor is basically to fail early or not fail at all unlike a mechanical mechanism. But you should be able to get this replaced under warranty. I'd be willing to bet that your replacement used in the same way will have no problems.
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    Bye Bye Baby

    eThat's interesting. I am thinking of the Intel SSD for my new MBP.
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    Sorry to hear that Eddy. :(

    Maybe you can get a 160GB X25-M from them for time lost. Probably not but you never know! ;)
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    This is Intel, not Apple.
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    I can dream. Maybe when I talk to them on Monday i'll stress how much this event has "greatly changed how Intel's SSDs will be used in my future data center deployment strategies" and that "such a catastrophic failure will be taken into consideration as to whether or not we will phase out intel based flash storage in our client-facing workstations." :D Charts and graphs will also be used for dramatic effect.
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    The most I can see them do is offer you discount on a future Intel product. ;)
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    Maybe no one has the 160 GB X-25, but it seems like a lot of the 80 GB drives are failing (possible they're the original models)?

    EDIT: by "a lot" i mean a few
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    Is this from the links I posted or are there more?!?! I'd like to bring that up if its the case.

    Anyway, FWIW, here is the info on the drive which is on the front of the box.

    Part No: ssdsa2mh080g1c5
    version #:e48765-902
    pack date: 02-nov-08
    batch: cncv8b2201
    revision : 045C8820

    If you have the same batch i'd backup ASAP.
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    anyone know what the warranty details on the x25's ?

    Last year I had a "5 year warranty" WD raptor die 18 months after purchase. Well, the warranty actually states if you RMA it, they will replace it with a refurbished with a 60 day warranty. so my "protection" ended after about 20 months, not 5 years. :(

    Does the intel warranty replace it with a new or refurb? and does that replacement remain warranted for the three years from purchase? or do they have an "escape clause" like Western digital?

    thanks :)
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    I'm not sure what they would replace it with. If its an obvious refurb (with nicks on the casing) i'll demand another. Otherwise I probably couldn't tell.


    I assume the last statement means that they won't extend the warranty of a replaced drive to three years from the date of receipt, Which is to be expected. WD was way out of line on that raptor of yours.
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    Are you absolutely sure about that? I've never seen a warranty where the replacement wasn't for either 60/90 days or rest of existing warranty term, whichever is longer, and replacing with a refurb is usually standard practice too.
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    My 160GB Intel failed too.

    On Friday I telephoned with the Intel support. On Monday the SSD was picked up by DHL and on thursday my new SSD arrived. So, Intel Support was very good.

    I hope this is not a systematic error.
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    Wow, that is great customer service!
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    Good to hear Intel backs up their goods.

    I am however surprised, DHL didn't lose your goods. :rolleyes:
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    Man that sucks. I was kinda hoping I was one of the very few. Intel had better have a quick turn around when you spend $700+ on 160 gb of storage.

    Looks like crashed and burned with as little gracefulness as mine.
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    My X25-M 80GB recently died on me too, unibody macbook here. I had it for 5 days before it called it quits.. Waiting for Intel's 30 day DOA-policy to run out (bought on eBay so no returns). :(

    I have that batch and version, and mine is dead too. Seems like a really bad batch or something.
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    X25M 160GB failed also

    Just checking in-- mine also just failed a few days ago after over a year of operation. :(
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    1st gen?
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    dunno, what are the generation designations?

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