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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Sdashiki, Oct 4, 2006.

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    I am wondering about an upcoming project.

    basically needs to be an interactive CD, that plays some video and in essence is a webpage on a CD, but you dont need internet access.

    so, why not just make it all HTML with calls to the CD files, and perhaps the internet when needed, keeping it simple and only requiring users to have a browser.

    but this is also not the best way to do stuff, there are just certain things that lend themselves to be done in a fancier way.

    id say Flash right off the bat, but im no actionscripter.

    so I got a'thinkin about DirectorMX...anyone actually USE this?

    what else is out there, btw this is for a PC only... :(
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    I do. All of the time. So feel to ask away.
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    What do you mainly use it to create?

    Id be looking for something like a CD youd pop in, it would greet you with a blurb and ask to continue, from which youd watch a video and then goto a menu with buttons, text, photos etc etc. in the same fashion a web page is laid out, but snazzier lookin.

    Each time ive used Director (long time ago) it felt so powerful but crippled by its interface.

    Is it simple enought to create an interactive CD, or does one need alot more scripting knowledge. Granted, I only see basic web browsing like interactivity as the most complex thing it should do.
  4. zim
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    Director is very powerful but Flash has gained a lot of grounds and further talks about desktop based internet Flash applications makes me think that Director will get pushed further into the corner. Personally I would recommend going with Flash because actionScripting is typically easier, based on having experience teaching the two, to learn then Lingo. Then again... I am not found of Flash and video so I would contradict myself now and say go with Director :D fun fun fun!
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    Why didnt they just merge Director and Flash into one program?

    One is similar to the other and yet not.
  6. zim
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    Exactly. They are similar in the sense that they both offer interactivity and animation but thats about it. Flash had different objectives, primarily the web.. faster downloads, streaming content, etc... Flash was an animation application at first and later on they slapped a scripting environment. Director has always had interactivity as a primary component. Director was big before the web was when CD ROM development was was big. The addition to Shockwave to Director was an attempt at furthering the application but it never truly became mainstream like Flash did. So although they are similar they sill do have unique attributes that would give reason to use one over the other... Director has a 3D environment also.. which I have been told is a nightmare to work with.
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    It would kind of be like merging Illustrator and Photoshop into one.

    I expect to see somewhat of a revival of Director under Adobe's ownership, after years of neglect by Macromedia.
  8. zim
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    I think Director has had its day. DVD authoring and web development have dominated over the CD ROM market for too long now. Adobe keeps hinting at the next thing for Flash, desktop deployed web applications, which could completely destroy Director. Director's 3D component never took off nor did the DVD authoring aspect. I just don't see a reason for Adobe to continue with it, I would like them too but I don't see why. I think that the only thing that is keeping Director alive right now is Shockwave, artist that have picked up the app for performance work.. oh and Kiosks and whatever CD ROM authoring work that is left.. but in comparison to web it isn't that big of a market. I think Adobe is focused on an Acrobat and Flash combo.

    Nice little history of Director here:

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