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Interesting Ads Appearing on Campus

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by dpaanlka, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Suddenly my campus (Bradley University) has been swamped with hundreds of huge "The official guide to using a Mac" brochures, that feature pictures of MacBooks and Intel iMacs.

    It opens to a nice poster size piece that says "Rule #1: Enjoy yourself."

    Could this be a part of the "new" Mac advertising campaign?

    Anybody else see these?

    I'll scan them when I have the chance.
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    I couldn't find a scanner, but here are pics:

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    That's some nice marketing material!
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    Is that a white laptop with a built in iSight?

    I hope
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    He/she is hoping it is the new ibook.
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    The one that says "MacBook Pro"? :confused:
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    Anyone think Cram n' Jam or Student Union will be back this year? My sisters going to college and is looking for a laptop and I keep on tellin her to get a Mac and she is 100% sure she will if that deal goes on.
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    On the orange ad? Either I'm blind or it says nothing.
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    My thoughts exactly. :D

    I hope it happens soon! Rawr! :D :D :D
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    its silver in person. sorry to dash hopes.
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    It does look kind of white in that orange-background picture. But if you go to the website mentioned in the materials (www.apple.com/go/enjoyyourself), it is silver/aluminum...
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    elisha cuthbert

    I dont know about the other people but those posters would make a lovely desktop picture so if any of you have access to a scanner and can scan these posters i'm sure you would be making a lot of people happy.
    If someone scans them i will even host them on my website
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    You're right it doesn't say Macbook Pro on it but I also have the ad and the pictures inside and on the back are of Macbook Pros. I was shocked to open up Bradley's school newspaper and find one of these adds sitting in it. It was in every newspaper printed and I've also seen adds posted in the hallways of the dorms.
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    What? Another Bradley Student? Who are you?
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    Yep another fellow Bradley student. I'm a freshman who lives in U Hall.

    But to keep the post on topic (cause we all know how important that is;) ), has anyone else seen any ads on their campus? I've seen a few posters up and it really seems like Apple is trying to push the student discount. Being a freshman I wouldn't know if this was new or not so I was curious.
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    Looks like you have a Campus Rep on your campus.


    They do all the marketing on college campuses and are college students, just like you haha. You could apply to be one on that site.
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    Wow I've never see that before. I'm gonna have to check into that.
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    Yep, do you guys have a campus store? If they sell macs there, you might see your campus rep sitting outside of the campus store with a table setup with their equipment and a black tablecloth with a white apple logo on it

    Hell, we dont even have a campus store where i go and i see the kid at a table all over campus. did you guys get ipod magnets? ours was handing them out
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    I can't seem to find anything about Student Reps for UK institutions. Do they not do them over the pond?
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    They have a page on how to convince your parents to get you a Mac. Reason number 8:

    8. The Mac now has Intel inside.
    Faster processing speeds, longer battery life, better compatibility. All of this is made possible by Apple’s partnership with Intel, announced in 2005. Every MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac mini ships with an Intel chip inside, delivering high performance and exceptional value.

    I bolded better compatibility---what exactly does this mean? Perhaps they are referencing the ability to boot in Windows? It makes it sound though as if the Intel chips have something to do with software compatibility within the Mac OS, furthering the myth that the Mac OS can't handle Windows file types.

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