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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by atomicshark, Jun 15, 2009.

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    I use Strata 3D CX 5.6 at work on a Mac Pro 2.8GHz. x 2 Xeon with 4GB RAM and an ATI 2600 Pro video card (2008).

    At home I use Strata 3D CX 5.5 on an iMac 2.93GHz. with 4GB RAM and an NVIDIA GT 120 video card (2009).

    Today I decided to render the same model at work and at home to see how much faster the Mac Pro is than my iMac.

    Surprisingly, not much faster.

    4000x2826 pixels
    Settings: RT Best
    Renderer: Raytracing
    Texture detail: Fine
    Oversampling: 9 per pixel (extra smooth)
    Render alpha channel
    Render to layers
    Mac Pro: 18 minutes 52 seconds
    iMac: 20 minutes 1 second

    I really thought the Mac Pro would be nearly twice as fast or more. I wonder if anyone else has tested an iMac against a Mac Pro with their professional apps?

    I wonder if this test only shows how much work Strata needs to do to optimize its apps to the Mac Pros much more capable processors?
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    Decided to add results of my First generation G5 1.8GHz. with 2GB RAM.

    1 hour 26 minutes and 53 seconds.

    This makes my iMac over 4x faster in 3D rendering. Better than I expected, although the G5 would have done better with 4GB RAM.
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    hi, i dont know much about strata3d, except that this is the first time ive heard of it since 1994 but all i can think of is that the render engine is not using or is not capable of using all cores. on some 3d packages, theres a checkbox for "mulitthreaded" or similar. are your g5 results from a single processor or dual?
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    I think you are right. Strata recently introduced CX 6.0. I have a feeling this version will be able to take advantage of all cores.

    The G5 is a single 1.8 GHz. processor. Before I got the Mac Pro I had a dual 2.0 GHz. G5 at work at it was a bit faster than my G5 at home.

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