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Interesting things I've found in the 4G nano:

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Chundles, Sep 11, 2008.

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    1. If you select English (UK) you don't get Movies or TV Shows, you get "Films" and "TV Programmes" - very fancy though I wouldn't count Anchorman as a "Film," it's definitely a Movie.

    2. Coverflow is ridiculously responsive compared to my 3G nano - far more useful now.

    3. Transfer speed seems to have had a rocket put under it, moving music and movies over felt almost like using a HDD iPod.

    4. Genius didn't work for me after the first sync for some reason, the iPod told me to connect to iTunes to activate Genius. So just to be sure I plugged it in and let it sync, updated the Genius info in iTunes then synced the iPod again. Now it works pretty much instantaneously - it's very cool.

    5. The curvy glass screen is a little bit reflect-y but when the screen comes on (and you can crank the backlight waaaay up on this guy, it's really bright) you don't really notice it.

    6. It needs a good shake to shuffle to a new song, not the gentle wobble they give it in the video. You can turn off the shake feature in the settings.

    7. My black one looks like the monolith from 2001. On the back where the colour is more prevalent it looks more gunmetal grey than deep black. It's the same colour as the 3G however the old one didn't have large expanses of colour, just the bit around the screen and click wheel while the back was the shiny stainless steel. Here you get a big whack of colour and it's definitely more dark, dark grey than black.

    8. The hold switch (now a whirled metal circle on the top) has a very firm and deliberate action to it - much improved feel and much easier to use than the get-your-fingernails-involved one on the 3G.

    I still feel it's yet another throwback to the iPod mini design as opposed to the 3G which I applauded for being so different to previous versions but damn this is a nice iPod.
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    Had a play with the new nano yesterday and I do like it very much. New operating system looks slicker and it is very responsive.

    Makes the iPod classic update even more dissapointing. The software on the classic looks dated in comparison.

    I didn't look at the black nano but I did notice that the new black iPod Classic is very grey in comparison to my old 80gb classic. I guess gunmetal grey would be a good description. Definitely didn't look very black though.

    Still liked it. :)
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    Very cool to hear about the cover flow response. I think this is going to be my new iPod. My 1st gen Shuffle has some bad memory sectors and out of a full fill will fail to play a few songs in their entirity, and I'd like to be able to set up playlists and maybe dabble in video.
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    Yeah coverflow is how it should be, all the album art is pre-populated so you don't have to wait for it to fill in as you scroll back and forth and it scrolls just fine too. There is zero jerkiness or lag.

    Much better.
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    Is the motion detector able to tell the orientation of the iPod or just sense movement? I was just wondering if the Nano changes picture/video orientation automatically based on how you're holding it to fit the screen best, like the Touch/iPhone do.
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    Video plays in landscape, it can tell if you've tipped it right or left.

    Pictures rotate 270° (right, left and upright but not upside-down).

    There is a game that comes with it called "Maze" that uses the accelerometer and it's a full 3D spread of movement. You basically tip the thing up, down, left and right to move a ball through a maze. It's tops.

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